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Why We Use “Womxn” and Why You Should Too

Here at Blume, we strive towards creating a more inclusive, transparent, and meaningful community every day, in everything that we do! This applies to our...

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How to Support a Friend who's Depressed

When a friend is going through a tough time, it can be hard to know how to support them in a way that actually helps...

Health & Wellness

Self Care or Self Sabotage?

Self-care doesn’t mean that you’re always relaxing or doing face masks. Roberts says, “It means that sometimes you have to push yourself to make the...

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Self Care During the Winter

As the days get colder and shorter in wintertime, the winter can often make us feel down in the dumps. A lack of sunlight is...

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How to Set Realistic New Years Resolutions

Try focusing on taking small steps towards your desired goal this year, consider why you want said goal, and how you hope to feel as...

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UTIs and Your Period

UTIs are caused when bacteria enters the urinary tract. This bacteria is almost always E.coli, which moves from the anus and vaginal area into the...

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8 Meditation Tips to Help You Ease into 2019

January is hard. We feel the emotional hangover of post-holiday festivities, there’s nothing to look forwards to until Spring, and we begrudgingly have to settle...

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Blume's Female Founded Holiday Gift Guide

Blume’s Holiday Gift GuideFor Women, By Women We’ve rounded up our favourite female founded brands. Check out our list of curated brands founded by women...

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I am 1 in 5

I am of the 1 in 5 girls and women who experience PCOS. It stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome and means that I have ovarian...