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Building Confidence With Acne

People often talk about “struggling” with acne, or “suffering” from spots and blemishes. Such negative words used too commonly to describe a natural and often inevitable experience! We speak of it as if it’s something we let run our lives, and something that holds us back from living our full truth or fulfilling our potential. Let’s decide right now, together, that we will no longer allow our acne become the biggest, most focused part of ourselves. We’ll put our energy in love and positivity. 

I’ve compiled some tips that have helped me learn to live my life *confidently* over the past 10 years, living with acne. Yes, a great all-natural acne oil like Meltdown works wonders to fight and prevent acne breakouts, but my advice goes a bit deeper than that. It starts within. It’s important to let go of the hatred I held against my skin for so long, so I could become proud to be ME.
Jade, Blume Intern


Whether it’s your sibling, best friend, or favorite co-worker, picture right now at least one person that means a lot to you. Think of the joy and peace they bring into your life, and how you feel so grateful to have them around you. Now think about why it is that you love themmaybe it’s how they make you laugh, or how you admire their caring and thoughtful nature. Whatever the reasons might be, I’m willing to bet that the first few things that came to mind did not include: “I love them because they have clear skin.”

It’s important when we’re feeling upset about our skin to remind ourselves that it’s not all that other people see when they look at us, and it’s certainly not what they remember! Clear skin may be something we desire, but it shouldn’t be our biggest hope for ourselves. 


The greatest misconception about confidence is that you will finally have it if you just overcome this one thing you don’t like about yourself. Acne or not, confidence is something you can have RIGHT NOW. It’s something you have to create within yourself. Key word: within. When you see people around you that you perceive as “perfect” or “beautiful,” it’s crucial that you consider that they probably have things about themselves that they don’t like. 

Having acne for as long as I have, I remember the days where my skin was at its best, and even then I found other things to pick at. When it wasn’t a breakout or blemish, it was hating the shape of my nose or the size of my forehead. Ultimately, I had to come to terms with the fact that the problem was never with how I looked. Only with how I thought of myself. 


If you scroll through Instagram and catch yourself thinking about how you wished you looked like this person or wished you had that person’s skinthis tip’s for you! We’ve been told endless times how photoshop and airbrushing work against self love and acceptance, but it’s still really hard to not compare ourselves to people we see on our feeds. Sometimes it can feel extreme or even impossible to delete your social media completely, so adjusting it to be a more positive space can be a simple, yet super effective solution. 

Luckily we’re in a time where connecting with people online has never been easier! It’s so important that we leverage this ability to “follow” those who empower us to feel great, and give them the support that enables these creators to keep building up other people too. Acne can be VERY easy to hide online, so here are a few of my fave people on Instagram who keep their posts honest. They’ve inspired me to love living in my own skin and I hope they can do the same for you!



Unfortunately, there’s still brands that seek only to capitalize on insecurities of their audience, aim to make their money and move on. I know you work hard for your coin, so it’s worth finding a brand that aligns with your values, supports and listens to you, while creating a safe space for you to be yourself. You are already beautiful as you are! Inside and out.

Here at Blume, we believe there’s no such thing as p*rfect skin. Real skin just isn’t “perfect.” We want our community to feel strong and naturally brave to be their best selves through our clean, vegan and cruelty free products that are good for you and the environment! Beyond that, our community is at the core in everything we do. From our educational content, community campaigns and real skin focus, we’re so grateful to be Bluming with you! 

Our cult favorite is Meltdown for acne-prone skin, made from all natural ingredients that will help clear skin, without compromising health and hydration! My favorite part is that it’s paraben, alcohol, and fragrance-free so it works on my sensitive skin. Psst! It even helps fade stubborn acne scars and prevents future breakouts.

Blume wants to protect and nurture, not hurt or damage. We’re here to support you in your journey to become your best naturally brave self! Our DM's are always open if you want to chat <3