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Glowy Skin Bundle Gift Box

Everyone's Fave
$48.00 - Save 25%

All In, Skin Bundle Gift Box

$58.00 - Save 15%

Self Care Bundle Gift Box

Daydreamer, Meltdown & Hug Me
$48.00 - Save 17%

The Period Bundle Gift Box

Meltdown + Cloud 9 + Heat Pack Bundle

Cozy at Home

Blume Sweater






Blume Beanie


Self Care Szn Mug


Hot Girl Winter Heat Pack


Gratitude Notepad


Self Care Tote


Conversation Cards


Self Care Water Bottle

Blume x Sarita Walsh

Blume Box

The box that goes with your flow

Your body’s too busy to be worrying about buying tampons and pads. Build a Blume Box and we’ll ship it straight to your doorstep.

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