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Hot Girl Winter Heat Pack


Sweet Dreamz Eye Mask


Captain Scrunch




Conversation Cards


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Blume x TELETIES Hair Ties


Superglow Bundle

$56.00 - Save 20%

Self Care Tote


Gift Boxes

Glowy Skin Bundle Gift Box

Everyone's Fave
$48.00 - Save 25%

All In, Skin Gift Box

$58.00 - Save 15%

Self Care Bundle Gift Box

Daydreamer, Meltdown & Hug Me
$48.00 - Save 17%

Blume Box

The box that goes with your flow

Your body’s too busy to be worrying about buying tampons and pads. Build a Blume Box and we’ll ship it straight to your doorstep.

Build Your Box

Starting at $8/Month

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