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Get UTIs? You’re definitely not alone

Guest post by Uqora, a UTI relief and urinary health company founded by a chronic UTI sufferer.

Did you know UTIs are the second most common infection — second only to the common cold? UTIs result in 10 MILLION doctor visits per year and affect half of all women. 

That’s a lot of UTIs. And yet, why is it that UTI care has remained an overlooked sector of women’s health? (Well, until now thanks to Uqora.)

For a lot of people, you could be doing everything right (peeing after sex, staying hydrated, wiping front-to-back, etc.) but still struggling. That’s because some of us are just naturally more prone to UTIs. 

Even though UTIs are incredibly common, doctors might still be telling you “you’re wiping incorrectly,” or people offer suggestions of “have you tried cranberry juice?” or “but do you pee after sex?” — as if you haven’t already been doing those no-brainer tasks! This clear lack of understanding and empathy is a big problem and is only building an absolute stigma about UTIs.

Jenna Ryan knew this all too well. In 2017, Jenna was struggling with chronic UTIs (she had 8 in 1 year!) despite doing everything right. She was told repeatedly that there was little she could do. So, with the help of doctors and scientists she took matters into her own hands and developed Uqora. 

Uqora specializes in UTI relief and proactive urinary tract health supplements. The Uqora system is a new approach to urinary health (no cranberry included here) and has been able to help more than 100,000 people already.

Have a UTI now? Grab their UTI Emergency Kit, which includes test strips to find out if you have a UTI, UTI infection control to slow the infection until you get to a doctor, and UTI pain relief.

Ready to get proactive? Uqora’s flagship line of proactive urinary tract health products includes three supplements to support you in a different way, keeping you covered from all angles:

  • Target: flush your urinary tract after sex or whenever you need extra support
  • Control: cleanse biofilm and strengthen the bladder wall to help keep your bladder clear
  • Promote: a vaginal probiotic to balance the vaginal microbiome. Which is crucial for urinary health success.

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Still feel like you’re the only one who battles with UTIs? Think again. Considering its prevalence, we hope this is a reminder that you are not alone and there is a community of people who understand what you’re going through.