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The Puberty Re-do We've All Been Waiting For

Hey September! Hey Virgo Season! Hey NYC! It’s us again, Blume. We missed you like we miss all the 2000s throwbacks (but hey, at least Lizzie McGuire’s getting a reboot, right?!). This is always a special time of the year with excitement buzzing in the air. It’s a chance for new beginnings and fresh starts whether or not you’re going back to school. We love a good glow up. <3

This month, Blume is headed back to New York but this time we’re taking the MTA. We’re all grown up now and yes, taking the subway by ourselves! Reminiscent of all things 00s that shaped our childhoods and molded us into who we are today, this Subway Campaign is logging into the chat and taking every passenger on the MTA on the daydream of nostalgia. Is it Jimmy Neutron, The Proud Family or Kim Possible? We may not have had Raven’s visions or Fairly Odd Parents to save us from trouble but we did have the iconic Nickelodeon slime and the best Spongebob episodes (don’t @ us). Getting past puberty doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite shows, snacks or after-school plans, but we are ready to say thank u, next to acne. Most of us know, acne stays well beyond the teenage years and follows us into adulthood! We hope you flaunt it, rock it, and stay your badass self no matter what state your skin is in. Although we’re reminiscent of the good old times, what we’re loving now is that natural and clean skincare is (finally) trending, and trust us, it’s here to stay. Just like how you’ve grown up, so has the standards of wellness and you deserve the best for your mind, body, and soul. Meltdown takes care of the acne from your past, so you can stay focused on all your nostalgic memories from childhood while enjoying the present moment!

You’re not running home to catch your fave 3:00pm cartoon anymore (that’s what Netflix is for). We’re ready to greet you when you’re running onto the train instead! Whether it’s work or school that you’re headed for, we’ve got you covered all month long with the nostalgic #throwbacks you never knew you missed! Keep #bluming with us on Instagram @blume to catch every moment of this retro ride back in time. Can't get enough of our Subway Campaign? Neither can we. Check out more right here ~*C u there~*