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Blume Announces Climate Neutral on Earth Day

As Greta Thunberg said, “The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change.”

Here at Blume, we believe in products that are good for your body + the environment—not a threat. This Earth Day signifies a big opportunity for us as brands and communities to re-evaluate the carbon emissions put out in the world. As of April 15th 2021, Blume is OFFICIALLY and proudly Climate Neutral Certified!

What does this mean for you + us?

We’re committed to taking immediate + actionable steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. This includes offsetting all the emissions it takes to run the business, produce products, and how we ship them to your doorstep. Moving forward, we’ll continue working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and ingrain this earth friendly piece into our brand blueprint. Here are some initiatives we’ve implemented to reduce emissions when you shop Blume:

  • Opting to use Post Consumer Recycled Plastic
  • Blume Recycling program 
  • Next run of packaging to be made with treeless paper (made with sugar cane)
  • Full team stays remote and WFH (no commuting)
  • Limit company travel! 
  • We’ve always been Climate Neutral Committed but...
  • As of April 15th 2021, we’ll be a Climate Neutral Certified
  • Also, proudly Plastic Neutral Certified! 

Simple ways you can help the environment   

It’s easy to forget the impact we can have as one person. There are many small things we can do in our daily lives to help reduce our carbon footprint! It can be as simple as recycling or carpooling. Here are 3 pillars to help you do your part:

Save Water

Conserving water is a major factor in reducing your footprint. It’s as easy as taking shorter showers to turning off your tap while you brush your teeth. 

Conserve Energy

Simply switching to cool water for your laundry or turning off your lights when you're not in a room are ways to conserve energy that won’t affect your daily lives in a big way. As the days get brighter, fresh air is the perfect dose of Vitamin D. Consider walking when you are going shorter distances or perhaps carpool to save on gas.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Oh, and repurpose! There are so many simple creative ways to be less wasteful in our daily practices. It’s also important to research the brands you purchase from, to ensure they’re committed to the same values you are, and actively reduce their footprint. In return, you’re able reduce your own carbon footprint through your shopping choices! Pro tip: look for the certification logos on boxes/packaging. 

It’s so important for us to make sure our products are easily recycled to not contribute to growing landfills. That’s why all our packaging is fully recyclable (especially our period care) and some are even biodegradablelike our tampon applicators

Reusing can often be the trickiest of the three pillars, but it’s easier than we think (and so worth it)! Here are some fun, easy ways to repurpose your Blume containers: 

Repurposing your Whirl Jar 

  1. Use for earrings or rings
  2. Use for small office supplies
  3. For makeup pads/sponges
  4. Homemade candles

Repurposing your Stargirl Bottle

  1. Rice Water to spritz on your hair
  2. In the kitchen: put oil in to spray your pan
  3. For Cleaning: vinegar + water for an easy cleaning solution(or other cleaning solution) 

Repurposing your Daydreamer Bottle/Pump

  1. Pour in your fave body lotion
  2. Plant holder (cut off top for wider opening)
  3. Refill with bulk hand soap (saves $ too!)

Repurposing your Meltdown Bottle/Pump: 

  1. Refill with your trusty hand sanitizer
  2. Create your own essential oil blend
  3. As a contact solution holder when travelling

Speak up! Take action!

We aren’t going to solve climate change overnight, but by working together and doing our part in daily practices, we’re not contributing to it. Join us in taking action to reduce your carbon footprint starting with these simple steps, and become Climate Neutral Committed in your own life. 

Tag us with your Blume products and use the hashtag #shopclimateneutral to join us to make a difference for the next generation to live a cleaner future. It’s up to us, as individualsa community, and brand to take action now. Let’s leave this planet better than we found it.

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