Celebrate Skin: Blume's Mirror Talk Campaign is a Love Note to Yourself

We reached out to you, our community, to delve deeper into the relationship between acne and mental health. After seeing that 99% of our community via a recent survey felt seeing more real, unfiltered skin online would positively affect their confidence. Our community inspired our newest campaign: Mirror Talk.

Mirror Talk promotes the power of positive affirmations during skincare routines, reshaping moments of self-critique into acts of self-love, particularly after removing makeup. Taking care of your skin is essential, but nurturing your inner dialogue is equally crucial.⁠ Let's celebrate our skin! 

How does dealing with skin issues affect our daily lives?

✨ 82% said it negatively affected our mental health

✨ 45% said it limited social interactions

✨ 44% said it reduced their participation in events and activities

How we often feel when we have acne:

🩵 "When I had a bad breakout, I didn't want to see anyone"

🩵 "Thought I wasn't pretty anymore"

🩵 "I feel less "free" somehow - always worried about what other people may be

✨ 67% of us find ourselves comparing our real skin to our filtered skin

✨ 84% of respondents do not feel comfortable without makeup when they have an
    acne breakout

✨ 72% of us have experienced depression, anxiety, low self esteem, or felt alone
    because of acne

✨ 74% of you feel comfortable talking about your struggles with acne openly 

✨ 70% feel well informed on how to take care of their skin


Our community shared these as the most common acne triggers: 

💓 Stress

💓 Period

💓 Diet

💓 Water Intake



Advice from the Blume community, for anyone struggling with acne: 

🩵 "Be gentle with yourself"

🩵 "Drink water, use Meltdown, heal your gut, and remember it happens to

🩵 "I promise everyone around you sees how beautiful you are. Acne doesn't
      change that. Your beauty is permanent, acne is temporary"