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Period Products

Organic and natural period products to go with your flow.

Period Products
Period Products
Period Products
Period Products

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Period Products

For better or worse, Mother Nature likes to remind us once a month that she's the one calling the shots, not us. Fair enough. Having your period is as natural as the waxing and waning of the moon, so shouldn't you use products that are every bit as organic?

Period Products For The Soul

We're in this together, lxdies. We can all commiserate between pints of ice cream and heating pads. You already know that having your period comes with more than just needing a tampon or pad; it's also skin outbreaks and acne, cramps, pain and all the other joys that come with being a wxman. At Blume, we carry products that help with all of those symptoms and more. The best news of all? They are made with organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Choose Organic Tampons

As an active wxman with things to do and places to go, tampons can be a lifesaver that saves you the bulky feeling of a pad. But have you ever stopped to consider what kind of materials that those oh-so-convenient cotton sticks are made of? As of 2020, the federal government has zero regulations to disclose the ingredients of tampons and pads. Yikes! But in the meantime let's talk about what's best for our bodies and for the earth. Organic period products tick both of those boxes. Every applicator is made with biodegradable plastic, which means that they'll break down over time and naturally decompose. Super-absorbant 100% cotton tampons protect you from springing a leak, but even if you do then you have more organic options than our selection of tampons.

Pamper Yourself With All Natural Pads

Although tampons are dependable and convenient, they're not for everyone. Additionally, if you've got an especially heavy flow, it might be necessary to use both. 100% organic cotton pads are fantastic for day and night use, coming in two different sizes depending on how you need them. Absorbent and comfortable, pads also have flexible wings to ensure the best possible fit.

Treat Your Period Breakouts

Don't worry — it's not only you. Most wxmen are faced with breakouts and skin blemishes when Mother Nature is here for a visit, not to mention uncomfortably oily skin. Have no fear: Products like Meltdown Acne and Blemish Oil are here to save the day. It might seem counterproductive to fight oil with oil, but the delightful combination of essential oils work together to alleviate painful breakouts and prevent future ones.

Relieve Your Cramps

Ugh, the absolute worst part of having your cycle is this nasty side effect: Cramping. Between cramping, headaches and all-in-all body pain, don't worry; we carry a line of products to help with that, too. Check out Cloud 9 PMS Oil, a combination of essential oils that can help to act as pain relievers and help you to start feeling like you again. Don't forget about our other body care products like natural deodorant to get your feeling clean and refreshed again, even if Mother Nature is beginning to overstay her welcome. When it comes to period products, you bet that we get it firsthand. Like we said before, we're in this together, so make the most of being a womxn by using natural and organic products. It feels better to know that you're doing something better for your body and for the environment at the same time.

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