How to Use Meltdown

How it's done

  1. Wash It

    a clean canvas is essential.
  2. Drop It

    A drop or two on your finger works.
  3. Dot It

    Pat it (gently) onto any spots or blemishes.
  4. Seal It

    Once it's dried, it's time to moisturize.

What is the Best Way to Apply Meltdown?

    Chances are if you've tried any other acne treatment, you've realized how difficult the instructions can be! They only work at certain times of the day, with certain products, and when the moon is in a certain position in the sky (at least that's what it feels like). Knowing how to properly apply skincare products doesn't need to be rocket science, and Blume understands that. You’ve got other things to focus your attention on! In fact, we made it so easy to use our products that applying Meltdown acne treatment can be done in various ways, whatever suits you best that day. 

    Can I Use Meltdown on Large Areas of Skin?

    The incredible thing about Blume’s Meltdown acne treatment is that you don't need to use it at certain times or in certain places on your face to make it work on one pimple. If you only have a few breakouts, you only need to apply the treatment to those areas. That’s it. After cleansing your face, use a single drop to apply to blemishes. Let it dry, apply your moisturizer, and head to bed. There’s no need to worry about a full face of the product! Of course, since it goes on clear, you can use Meltdown at any time of day, so don't be afraid to apply it in the morning or even under makeup. 

    Can I Use Meltdown Acne Oil With Other Products?

    If you need an overnight cystic or hormonal acne treatment, you can add Meltdown in with your daily moisturizer. All you need to do is mix in one drop of it into your moisturizer and apply as usual. Overnight, your pores will begin to shrink and redness will begin to subside. When used regularly, you should see significant diminishing of redness and reduction of hyper-pigmentation and scarring. Even if you aren't in the middle of a breakout, you can mix in a drop of Meltdown with your fave clay masks to shrink pores and prevent future breakouts. *Note that mixing in too much Meltdown may cause breakouts. Just one drop of it is super sufficient! 


    What Makes Meltdown So Great

    Meltdown is an organic acne spot treatment, which means all of its ingredients are all-natural and actually great for your skin. It’s comprised of several different types of oils and extracts, but the two most effective are black cumin seed oil and rosehip oil! Black cumin seed fights acne-causing bacteria, especially that of cystic acne. Rosehip oil's natural vitamin C and antioxidants reduce pigmentation and promote collagen production for a more youthful and glowy appearance.

    What Types of Acne Does Meltdown Treat?

    Shop Meltdown to fight three types of acne at once: papules, pustules, and cysts.

    Papules are small, raised bumps that often have redness and inflammation. They may be singular or appear in small groups.

    Pustules are as gnarly as they sound. These puss-filled pimples can be carefully popped without scarring, although it's a better idea simply to use acne treatment! Trust us, it’s not worth picking them.

    Finally, cystic acne is often caused by hormones and can be felt before they actually form. Ouch! They are often painful to the touch. Luckily, Meltdown can fight all three of these on, together.

    Are There Any Other Ways to Use Meltdown?

    Yes!  Since Meltdown is organic and all natural, you can use it in other ways; on newly waxed skin to prevent ingrown hairs, on back acne; also known as 'bacne', or even on razor bumps!  Get creative and share your experience with our amazing community of Blume babes!

    Meltdown works with all your best beauty products. Use it before your makeup, before your natural moisturizing regimen, or anytime mixed in and in between. For the best results with Meltdown, use Daydreamer for a high-quality face wash and achieve the ultimate clear complexion.

    Meltdown Gel Cleanser made with Green Tea and Ceramides

    Meltdown Gel Cleanser made with Green Tea and Ceramides