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Why Self Care is The New Going Out

Some mornings we wake up, feeling a little big heavier. The anxieties are weighing on us - “Am I doing enough? Am I doing it...

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Health & Wellness

How Much Iron Do You Really Need?

Iron is an essential nutrient in blood that carries oxygen, and due to blood loss during menstruation, people who menstruate are more susceptible to iron deficiency. In...

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Meet Ally, Q&A with the Founder of Girlvana Yoga

Ally is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and writer who has an undying passion for empowering the next generation of womxn through yoga, meditation and raw...


Seed Cycling For Balanced Hormones (& A Superfood Overnight Oats Recipe)

Seed cycling is a food-based method you can use to balance your hormones and regulate your cycle. If you have hormone-related issues like PMS, cyclical...

Blume Babes

Q&A with Girl Boss Kelsey Haywood Lucas of Girls' Life!

At Blume, we're all about impacting the lives of young girls in a positive way and spotlighting exceptional young women. And that's what Kelsey Haywood...


Does your period cycle give you superpowers?

Your period cycle is made up of four very distinct phases, and each phase includes a range of changes to your mind and body. As...


Blume, Formerly known as Ellebox

Nice to meet you. We’re Blume. We are growing and with that growth comes change. Our most visible change is that we are officially changing...

Health & Wellness

Periods & Puberty. The stats are in.

Stigma about periods and the female body starts early on. Girls are taught to be ashamed of their bodies before even learning about them. Keeping...


Period Glossary

Products Tampons are a menstrual hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to prevent menstrual fluid from leaking onto...