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Mother Daughter Series: Kathy & PatriciaMae

Meet Kathy and PatriciaMae! Read about this New York duo's experiences with self-care and sexual education. The last interview of our Mother Daughter Series!

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Mother Daughter Series: Liza, Alyssa, Alyanna

Meet Liza, Alyssa and Alyanna from New York! Together they share how they practice self-care together and their thoughts on sexual education.

Mother Daughter Series: Divya and Sahana

Next on our Mother Daughter Seies, we have Divya and Sahana here from San Francisco! They share some of their favourite ways to practice self-care...

Mother Daughter Series: Astrid & Olivia

Meet the next Mother Daughter duo, Astrid and Olivia from New York!  Introduce yourselves! What do you love most about your relationship? ASTRID (MOM): I’m,...

Mother's Day in Blume: Alexis & Jolene

We sat down with a mother and daughter duo, Alexis and Jolene, to better understand the roles that mothers and daughters have in instilling self...

How Blume is Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene

How much do you know about the period cycle - Does 5/28 ring a bell? On average, most women experience their period for 5 days...

Meet Olivia, Q&A With Founder and CEO of VINA

It's Q&A time and we're discussing friendships and self-care with Olivia the Founder and CEO of VINA!

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How Meltdown has Changed Lives

Discover how Meltdown has helped changed the life of one particular Blume Babe, who has struggled with painful cystic acne for years. Within a couple...

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How to Support a Friend who's Depressed

When a friend is going through a tough time, it can be hard to know how to support them in a way that actually helps...