Prickly Pear Oil Benefits

You likely already rely on botanical oils as go-to ingredients for your skin care routine thanks to the nourishing, hydrating effects of argan oil, coconut oil and oh, the list goes on. Pairing these serums with an organic face wash is your best bet for a clean, clear complexion. Prickly pear seed oil is the latest natural oil to become a hot trend in the skin care world with its ability to infuse the skin with muuuuch-needed moisture. These natural benefits will sway you to add prickly pear oil to your skin care toolbox.

Amino Acids

Prickly pear oil is rich in this nutrient, which encourages rapid cell turnover. This results in clearer skin since dead cells don't hang around to clog any pores or cause breakouts. Amino acids also stimulate collagen production, which plumps and smooths skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

Vitamin K

Need a boost of radiance? This nutrient in prickly pear oil brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of dark undereye circles, resulting in a more alert appearance. Vitamin K also helps increase the elasticity of the skin, which naturally diminishes as we age.

Vitamin E

One of the key prickly pear benefits is its concentration of vitamin E, about three times more than you'll find in a comparable amount of argan oil. This fat-soluble antioxidant repairs and restores the skin, so it's an ideal ingredient to try if you're struggling with any sun damage, rosacea or another irritating condition. Vitamin E also strengthens the skin's protective barrier to help keep moisture in and damaging free radicals out. Fans of this ingredient report a smoother, softer, more youthful appearance thanks to the improved hydration.

Linoleic Acid

This essential fatty acid found in a concentration of more than 60% in prickly pear seeds has multiple benefits for your complexion. Not only does it provide hydration, it also prevents your skin from losing naturally-produced moisture and creates a protective barrier from environmental toxins. If you are bothered by the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation, try linoleic acid to even your skin tone. This wonder ingredient also promotes healing for rashes, acne, cold sores and other uncomfortable symptoms, helping achieve balance if you struggle with breakouts and blemishes.


The prickly pear cactus gets its gorgeous red and yellow hue from antioxidant pigments called betalains. When applied to the skin, these compounds offer protection from environmental free radicals that cause wrinkles, sun damage and other signs of aging. The cactus contains more betalains than any other plant, including super foods like beets, acai and goji berries (but we still love them).


Prickly pear benefits for skin extend far beyond hydration and anti-aging advantages. Those who are prone to breakouts will appreciate the dose of zinc in this oil, a mineral that helps decrease the production of sebum that can clog pores and create unwanted shine! Zinc also soothes redness and inflammation associated with acne, so it's the perfect partner for your Meltdown acne treatment.

Because of its diverse benefits, organic prickly pear seed oil is an appropriate and foundational skin care step for most complexions. Add it to your daily routine with Blume's new moisturizer, Whirl, to achieve clear, smooth, radiant skin that helps your natural beauty shine through.