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Self Care Products

Did you hear that self care is the new going out? We have! Go ahead and treat yourself.

Self Care Products
Self Care Products
Self Care Products
Self Care Products
Self Care Products

Hug Me Probiotic Deodorant

Unscented Aluminum Free Deodorant

Cloud 9 Cramp Oil

Essential Oil for Cramps

Superpower Clay Mask

Pore Clarifying Clay Mask
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Self Care Products

They say that your body is a temple, so consider that when you think about your everyday health and skin care routine. Are you treating your body with the utmost priority that it deserves, or are you allowing it to become worn and exhausted? Give your body the love it needs to be your best badass self. Use the best self care items for your skin and body type to help you renew the pride in the temple that you live in every day.

Whether You Have Dry Skin, Oily Skin or Are Prone to Breakouts, We're Here For You

No two people are created exactly the same, which means that what works for your sister or BFF might not be the best choice for you. That's okay! We appeal to all skin types with our line of glowy skin products. Your face will look as fresh as a spring morning no matter what skin type you have. In fact, our Glowy Skin bundle might be your bestie during your period: It’s a pack of three of our favorite items that include Daydreamer Face Wash and Meltdown Acne Oil, as well as the popular skin care tool, a jade roller. What's a Jade Roller? Great question! The jade roller is one of our favorite self help products and is a tool made from solid jade stone. By rolling it over your entire face, the jade is said to decrease age lines and boost the natural lymphatic drainage behind the scenes. It's also thought to decrease blackheads in places like your chin and on your forehead, creating tighter pores and decreasing the likelihood of breakouts. It's one of those "don't knock it till you've tried it" tools that offer a small hint of luxury in your skincare routine — plus it looks so pretty on your countertop.

Essential Oils for the Worst Symptoms

Ugh, an angry uterus can make for an angry you. Check out our Cloud 9 Cramp Oil to help you when you're not feeling like the badass you are. Use it for period cramps and PMS symptoms! Some of the delicious, herbal ingredients include: 

  • Warm and musky clary sage, which helps to reduce inflammation and fight cramps 
  • Zesty lemon for that nagging headache and lingering nausea 
  • Soothing peppermint acts as a muscle relaxer with its heating properties and also reduces nausea to help you feel better fast
Do It For You

Although social pressure would have you looking flawless and runway-ready at all times, you know as well as anyone that that's an urban legend. We keep it real here, and embrace it. Real-life womxn have “imperfections,” and our differences are our strength. Don't let the media or celebrities try and tell you why you should start practicing self care at home. Ultimately you should only be caring for yourself for you, not anyone else, so when you decide to begin or elevate your routine, ensure that you're doing it for the right reasons and choose the best natural products to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

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