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Menstrual Period Cramp Products

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Period Cramp Products
Period Cramp Products
Period Cramp Products
Period Cramp Products
Period Cramp Products

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Menstrual/Period Cramp Products

Periods are a natural part of life for billions of people around the globe, but guess what? That doesn’t mean they aren’t just the worst most of the time. From painful cramps to generally just feeling uncomfortable in public, your monthly visitor can be a serious inconvenience at best and a huge (literal) pain at worst. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to treat your body well throughout the process, starting with using the best period products.

Feel Good During Your Period

Feeling good during your period might seem like an impossibility, but with a little determination – and a few changes in the products you’re using every month – you can do it. The problem with synthetic products is that they do nothing to relieve your pain and discomfort during use. In fact, because many synthetic pads and tampons contain plastic, chlorine and even toxins, they can make you feel even worse. Making the switch to 100% organic cotton pads and tampons may not heal your period blues, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to treating your body right while your monthly visitor is over for its stay.

Use All Natural Tampons

All natural tampons are exactly what they sound like: tampons made of natural, 100% organic cotton. Unlike synthetic tampons, they aren’t bleached with chlorine, don’t contain known carcinogens, and don’t contain plastic. This comes with a huge number of benefits your body’s going to appreciate, such as: 

  • Less toxins absorbed by your body during wear 
  • A softer, more comfortable wear 
  • Don’t interfere with your hormones like some synthetic products do In short, they’re just better for your body. 

Any time you can use a product that puts less chemicals and toxins into your body, the better – especially when it comes to such sensitive areas!

Feel Good With Organic Pads

Not everyone likes tampons, and that’s fine. However, synthetic pads offer just as many issues as synthetic tampons, and just because they’re not sitting inside of you for hours at a time doesn’t mean they don’t make you uncomfortable. Organic pads eliminate many of the issues that make pads so uncomfortable for some by: 

  • Using 100% organic cotton with no plastic, which means less skin irritation 
  • Not using artificial dyes or fragrances 
  • Not bleaching the products using harsh chemicals 
  • Being more breathable thanks to its all-natural fibers 

Treat yourself right by dumping the old, plastic-filled synthetics and replacing them with soft, comfortable, natural pads.

Take Care of Your Cramps

Cramps are one of the biggest contributing factors to feeling awful when your period rolls around, without a doubt. For 10 percent of those who experience period cramps, those cramps are strong enough to disrupt their everyday lives. Fortunately, there’s a number of ways to treat them in a natural way. Switching to all-organic like natural deodorant reduces the amount of toxins moving through your body, which is thought to reduce the strength of cramps. Using products like the Cloud 9 PMS oil also help to even out hormones, reduce cramp strength and even help with back pain and headaches through a mixture of crucial, all-natural essential oils you’re sure to love.

Treat Your Period Acne

Period acne is yet another cause of severe discomfort for many, but it’s an issue that can definitely be treated. However, don’t turn to the outdated remedies that dry out your skin with alcohol or that contain pesticides that do more harm than good over time. Treat your skin right with a natural spot-treatment designed to handle hormonal acne without all the unwanted side effects. Meltdown Acne Oil is packed with all-natural ingredients hand-picked to provide the punch you need to take period acne out in one hit while nourishing the skin around it. Your period might not be the most fun week of the month, but by changing up the products you use you can make a huge difference in your comfort levels throughout the duration. Go natural and treat your body right.

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