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Cystic Acne Products

Finally cure that persistent cystic acne that doesn't seem to respond to any treatment.

Cystic Acne Products
Cystic Acne Products
Cystic Acne Products
Cystic Acne Products
Cystic Acne Products

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Cystic Acne Products

An acne breakout can be distressing on its own, but cystic acne presents a unique set of problems. These acne cysts can be painful, result in scarring and cause struggles with your self-confidence. We hear you! The good news: You can fight back. With smart skin cleansing products plus some safe and effective cystic acne treatments, you can put your best face forward with clearer, healthier skin.

What is Cystic Acne?

To confront an enemy, you must better understand it. You’ve probably noticed that cystic acne behaves differently than regular breakouts. Both kinds result from oil, dirt, bacteria and skin cells becoming trapped inside your pores. The key difference is that acne cysts don’t erupt as garden-variety pimples. The pore-clogging material remains trapped and forms a cyst deep within skin tissues and below the top epidermal layer. This cyst fills with pus and becomes inflamed, turning red and being painful or tender to the touch. Some cysts also produce large white bumps on the skin’s surface.

What Causes Acne Cysts?

Although both regular and cystic acne result from oil, dirt, bacteria and skin cells becoming trapped inside your pores, hormone shifts are often to blame. Everyone produces testosterone regardless of gender, but increased levels in some people may prompt the skin’s sebum glands to produce more oil! For people with periods, estrogen and progesterone drop during certain times of the month and can result in higher relative levels of testosterone. Experts are trying to better understand other causes of cystic acne, but genetic factors can increase its likelihood in some people!

How to Treat Cystic Acne

Battling cystic acne requires top-notch skin care. You may need a little help from your dermatologist, but your own home routine can make a significant difference. First things first: NEVER pop an acne cyst. We know it’s hard to resist but you could push the infection deeper into the skin, making it worse and triggering more cysts in the surrounding skin.

You’re also going to need a natural high-quality cleanser like Blume’s super-gentle Daydreamer Face Wash. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial botanicals such as coconut oil, lavender, grapefruit extract and chamomile. Daydreamer gently cleanses and soothes skin while targeting acne-causing bacteria and leaving a little extra hydration for good measure.

While you’re at it, don’t forget about the moisturizer. Whirl is an excellent choice with its creamy, lightweight formula packed with good stuff like prickly pear seed oil, aloe juice, rosehip oil and grapeseed oil. Together, they help calm your skin, reduce inflammation and lock in essential moisture to prevent future breakouts.

Scar Healing and Spot Treatment

Chances are, you’re probably juggling blemishes and scarring at the same time. Combat both these problems with the ideal antidote: our Meltdown Acne Oil. It’s our best cystic acne spot treatment, formulated with healing and calming ingredients such as lavender, black cumin seed, rosehip oil and olive leaf extract. Meltdown is also one of our premier acne scar products: the rosehip and blue tansy oil are skin-repairing powerhouses that help naturally fade scars and discoloration.

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