Skin Care

Why Skincare Routines (Should Absolutely Be) Gender Neutral

Skincare routines are typically customized based on skin type, daily habits and more. When you choose the products that suit your skin, it’s customized to you personally. What works for your friend probably doesn’t work for you, unless you share the same skin type. How does gender figure into your choice of skincare products? It may matter (a lot) less than you think. 

Finding a Skincare Routine

People of any and all genders need to care for their skin. It’s not really a gender thing. Skin health is a human thing! Not only does it help you look your best and avoid premature aging, it’s also an important aspect of your overall health. Skin protection keeps harsh ultraviolet rays off your face and body, reducing the potential for damage. As knowledge about skin care continues to increase, more people are learning the value of a simple face wash, moisturizer and serum.

There are certain products that are better for dry skin, others are best for oily skin or combination skin. Those with normal skin that only needs maintenance can use a wider range of items, but may still have personal preferences for their daily routine. Some people with oily skin may find that oil cleansing helps reduce flare ups, and their experiences are backed up with new care products and dermatologist recommendations. Meltdown acne treatment is an oil treatment for breakouts, and it’s able to target any skin troubles from all people, whether that’s  hormonal acne to cystic acne (and beyond).


Why You Should Use Gender Neutral Products

Gender neutral products allows you to focus on the particulars of your own skin, instead of using a face wash or moisturizer that may not suit your skin type but is marketed toward men or womxn. Many skincare companies use colorful, flowery packages for womxn’s products and minimalist, dark colored packages for products targeting male hormonal acne and other skin issues. Your gender doesn’t determine the type of skin you have, so why the specificity?  

Testosterone increases oil production, but did you know that every person has certain levels of this hormone in their body; not just men!  There is no medical or scientific reason for products to be divided solely by gender. People with oily skin can use the same products as anyone with oily skin, and vice versa. Separating skincare products by gender is mostly a marketing tool, and it can keep people from fully optimizing their skincare routines.

Gender neutral skincare lines aim to reach people regardless of gender, letting them choose the items that are right for their unique skin. Those who have sensitive skin, for example, may benefit from a gentle organic face wash that avoids using harsh chemicals to strip off oils. People with dry skin can benefit from using a cleanser that hydrates as it washes, keeping the skin as moisturized as possible.

Gender neutral face wash focuses on getting you the care you need, whether it’s a thorough cleansing, something very mild or something hydrating. Instead of buying from brands that make broad assumptions determined by gender, try using organic items and items made with quality ingredients. Harsh chemicals like sulfates and alcohol are bad for all skin, so focus on avoiding those instead!

Get started building a routine using products catered to your skin type, and you’re much more likely to see positive results than if you stick to the pink or blue items found at big box stores.