What is Comfrey Root Good For On Skin?

If you’ve ever read the ingredients of Blume’s all natural acne treatment, Meltdown, you may remember stumbling on the curiosity of comfrey root. This plant is gaining popularity in the skin care world but has been used in medicine for thousands of years! At Blume, we want you to understand what you’re putting on your skin, so here we are! Below is a run-down of how we love using comfrey for skin care.

What Is Comfrey Root?

First things first, what is it? It’s a shrub that you can find in Europe, Asia and North America! Comfrey produces beautiful purple, blue and white flowers. People used to call the plant “knitbone” and used it to treat inflammation, sprains and other minor maladies.

Turns out, it’s also great for taking care of your skin. Since it’s an anti-inflammatory and healing substance, comfrey extract can do a lot of good for anyone who wants softer, healthier skin. Which is pretty much everyone!

What Are the Benefits of Comfrey Root?

Using comfrey for skin can help you fight the effects of aging and take better care of your skin. Here are a few of the benefits of the popular plant extract:

  • Softens Skin: There’s allantoin in comfrey extract. This is a moisturizer that creates a protective film over skin cells. That film helps to lock in moisture and prevent drying. It also helps your outermost layer of skin to shed more easily. Although this sounds may sound a bit icky, it’s actually an important process (and so satisfying) to help your skin heal and remain healthy and glowing.
  • Fights Inflammation: Allantoin is also an anti-inflammatory substance. It’s used in a few medical treatments to help with issues such as rashes and burns. This property makes using comfrey for acne a great idea. It helps stop that uncomfortable inflammation and reduces the intensity of acne!
  • Antioxidant: The Rosmarinic acid in comfrey is an antioxidant. You probably already know that such substances are good for you but may not know why. For skin care, the main benefit is protection against harm from UV rays.
  • Protect Against Environmental Harm: There are tannins in comfrey root. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait around while these tannins mellow! Instead, when you apply the extract, they will protect your skin from bacteria and toxins.

How Can You Use Comfrey Root for Your Skin?

Those are some impressive comfrey skin benefits. The substance can seriously help your skin, especially when combined with other healing and acne-fighting ingredients. That’s why we put it in Meltdown. We want you to have the best, all-natural skincare products around.

If you’re looking for even more skin healing, you may want to try our best natural moisturizer, Whirl. These two products work so well together, we put them in a bundle we call the “Dancing Dew-o.” 

At Blume, we’re committed to bringing you products that take care of your skin and body without all of the harmful, artificial chemicals in so many other products. Check out our full line-up of all-natural skin and feminine care products. There’s a better and healthier way to take care of yourself. Now, let’s dance!