The Calming Benefits of Blue Tansy

Are you always looking for the newest skincare trends to try? What about ones that actually work? If you love trying new beauty and skin care products, you may be curious about the benefits of blue tansy essential oil. It’s all the buzz! This wonder ingredient has been popping up everywhere because of its superstar ability to reduce the redness and inflammation associated with acne blemishes. Despite its descriptive name and the vibrant indigo hue of the essential oil, blue tansy is actually a small yellow flower. This plant is native to the Mediterranean but today is primarily grown in Morocco. If you struggle with breakouts, we’re here to share all the reasons more to add blue tansy into your skin care regimen!

Soothing Redness and Irritation

Why is blue tansy good for skin? Although more research is required, early findings have shown blue tansy to have a calming effect on burns and other skin irritations. In fact, many fans of this ingredient enthusiastically answer yes to the question "is blue tansy good for rosacea?"A study published in the 2015 textbook Clinical Aromatherapy found that a combination of water and blue tansy effectively soothed burns associated with cancer radiation treatments.

Most researchers attribute this blue tansy benefit to the plant's naturally anti-inflammatory properties. Sabinene, chamazulene and camphor, three chemical compounds found in this botanical, have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Camphor also helped repair UV-damaged skin in studies using mice published in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

Infusing Skin With Moisture

Whether you have naturally dry skin or your acne-fighting products have left it sensitive and irritated, blue tansy oil is frequently named as the best natural moisturizer. Add a few drops of the oil to your favorite night cream or look for a rich, creamy moisturizer that contains the sought-after ingredient! Avoid applying the essential oil alone; it needs a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil.

Enhancing Relaxation

Like its cousin chamomile, blue tansy essential oil benefits include anxiety relief and relaxation. This essential oil has a calming scent that could be the perfect addition to your nightly self-care routine. Breathe in the aroma of blue tansy and feel your tension and stress dissipate. When used in a clarifying mask, blue tansy can help refresh both your skin and your spirit. Try adding a few drops to an aromatherapy diffuser as you drift off to sleep.

Warding Off Breakouts

You may not immediately think to reach for an oil for acne treatment. After all, doesn't oily skin cause breakouts? We’re here to bust this myth! The addition of blue tansy oil to your routine can actually calm angry blemishes because of the plants noted antibacterial and antifungal properties, which destroy the germs that lead to skin issues! The oil also reduces redness, swelling and inflammation associated with acne.

Reducing Signs of Aging

Antioxidants help the skin fight off free radicals that cause sun damage and wrinkles. If you're concerned about fine lines and discoloration, try blue tansy for a more even, smooth skin tone along with the vitamins and nutrients you need for a healthy complexion as you age.

Now that you're up to speed on the many blue tansy essential oil uses, you know that this ingredient is a key choice for most skin care woes. If your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts, it's time to infuse the blues into your product lineup, trust us.