A Guide to the Best Products for Periods

When it’s that time of the month, there’s nothing better than your go-to period products that are convenient, dependable and comfortable. Today, there are more choices than ever — so how do you know which one will work for you? Well, we’re about to look at some of the most popular period products on the market right now and the benefits they have to offer!


Tampons have long been a favorite for their discreet single packaging and minimal mess. These are internally used, with a string that allows them to be easily removed. Tampons are available from dozens of brands with many sizes, shapes and even string types! Be mindful when you’re using a tampon and remember they shouldn’t remain in the vagina longer than 8 hours, as doing so puts you at risk for developing a serious bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome.


The majority of tampons are made with cotton and rayon, which is a synthetic (chemical) fiber made from wood pulp. However, more and more people who get periods now prefer all natural tampons to avoid putting any unnecessary chemicals into their bodies.

Most all-natural tampons are made from 100% cotton. When layered, this fiber is a badass absorbent to meet most people’s needs. Once used, natural tampons can be tossed in the trash just like you would with synthetic ones!

Sea Sponges

Are you interested in reusable period products, but still love tampons? We hear you! Tampons are still great. One of the most recent period products takes advantage of a natural material to offer a reusable tampon, though some people may be a little hesitant to try such an odd product.

Sea sponges are ocean organisms that can be dried, then used in cleaning. As it turns out, they also make serious tampons. They can be used for a maximum of six months and don’t contain any of the following:

  •     Dye
  •     Chlorine
  •     Fragrances


If you walk into most grocery stores, you’ll see a huge range of period pad types:

  •     Scented
  •     Winged
  •     Slim/thin
  •     Panty liners

These products are pretty straightforward: You stick them to your underwear, then toss them into the trash when you’re done. Since they’re mostly cotton, they’re probably biodegradable, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Many of these pads contain synthetic chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for the environment. Most of the time, they’re not even good for you.


Organic pads have a lot to offer compared to their synthetic cousins. For instance, any non-organic cotton is at risk of exposing wearers to pesticides and other chemicals that are used to treat the cotton crop as it grows.

Going organic also means you don’t have to worry about fragrances and other additives that may disrupt your pH levels. The vagina is a delicate ecosystem that requires precise pH to cultivate the right flora and keep you healthy!


If you’re interested in chemical-free, sustainable types of pads, there are several washable options. Most of these use a snap to stay in place and can be cleaned in the washing machine. 

They typically last several years, potentially saving money otherwise spent on disposable products! How awesome.

Periods are a fact of life, and having reliable products for this monthly human thing is something that should continued to be normalized, not only through the products we use but how we talk about it. With so many options out there, you can find a product that helps you manage your period best with as little effort as possible!