Meet Daydreamer: Our star of the gang for double-cleansing

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. We already feel so accomplished and self-loving when we remember to cleanse our face in the morning and before bed. Isn’t that enough? Now we have to double that?! #Double-cleansing in skincare is all over our Instagram feeds and fave bloggers’ posts. It seems like all the talk for YouTube’s beauty community, and won’t stop popping up. Why is it everywhere, and why does it really matter? If you’re a skincare lover (like us) and are curious to know more, then keep reading to learn how it works with some easy tips and tricks to make double-cleansing a natural part of your daily routine!

Popularly practiced, double-cleansing is a Korean skincare technique that has been around for decades but has recently garnered an international buzz because of how well it fully cleanses your skin beyond the surface. The two-step method firstly includes an oil based cleanser, followed by a second water based cleanser that adheres to a basic rule of chemistry: “like dissolves like.” What does this mean? Your oil based cleanser will effortlessly dissolve stubborn oils and built-up grease. What won’t it do? When the excess oils dissolve, we need that second water based cleanser which will then pull out all the sweat, dirt, pollution and extra gunk left behind that we can’t see (and probably rather not see TBH). 

The first-cleanser is a necessary and crucial step to removing things like makeup and SPF, especially after those long days. Farmacy’s Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm is sustainable and efficient at doing the job. The buttery consistency is smooth and natural for melting away your makeup as the first cleanse to properly care for your skin. First-cleansers can also be picked up from the produce department of your local grocery store for a fraction of lux-brand prices! Next time you chop up your cucumbers for your salad or to flavour your water, save some to mash up and create a paste to remove your makeup. For extra strength, add in some olive oil. The properties of a cucumber will also soothe irritation and prevent any redness. 

It’s safe to say our customers are daydreaming about our double-cleanser. In our gang, Daydreamer is great for your second cleanse. The organic ingredients make it the perfect second step, chilling out redness, evening out skin tone, all while hydrating. Was it Daydreamer? Was it the doctor-recommended eight glasses of water per day? They’ll never know your (not-so) secret. 

This super gentle technique also helps with signs of aging, pigmentation, blocked pores, irritation as well as breakouts that can often occur when excess residue is left behind by a one-step cleanse. Now let’s talk about how you can incorporate double-cleansing into your routine, step by step!

Take a dime size amount of your favourite oil based cleanser or balm, rub it into dry hands and get ready to melt that makeup off!

*Gently* rub the butter-like concoction in circular motions onto your face for 30-60 seconds and watch all the oils sitting on your skin glide away (along with all of your troubles). Seriously, it feels so therapeutic and so worthwhile. Dampen your hands with lukewarm water and rub the first-cleanser in a little more until it turns into a milky consistency.  

It might look a little funny with all the colours of makeup mixing together. Don’t worry though - we aren’t done yet! How satisfying is it to feel the depths of your skin clean and clear? Rinse your face with lukewarm water now to prep for the next step! 

Take 2-3 pumps of Daydreamer and massage it in circular motions onto your face. This double-cleanser is going to compliment the first oil cleanser by adding extra hydration, plump and prep your skin for the perfect glow, while fighting all the lingering bacteria. 

Splash your face clean with water and pat dry with a towel. Now your double-cleansed skin is ready as ever to soak in all the goodness of your serums, moisturizers and other fave overnight treatments. 

Yep, it’s that easy. Isn’t this what dreams are made of?! 

Ready to get your double-cleanse on with Daydreamer?