Keep Period Cramps Away Before Your Summer Vacay

Picture this - you’re kicking back beneath the sun, the waves are crashing on the shore, and you are feeling the most relaxed you have in weeks. Then, your period arrives along with menstrual cramps…

Periods don’t have to stop you from having a blast on your vacay, but menstrual cramps may make you feel a little down in the dumps. Painful menstrual cramps affect the daily lives of one in five women, so it’s understandable that you don’t want them getting in the way of your romantic getaway or that long-awaited girls trip.

Is there a way to stop yourself from curling in a ball on your hotel bed while everyone's out having a blast? Absolutely!

The Joys of Menstrual Cramps

Did you know that for some women, experiencing the pain of menstrual cramps can actually be as painful as having a heart attack? No kidding. Cramping is thought to be causes by the contracting of your uterus, therefore making it inflamed.

More and more research is being done into why women get painful period cramps and how to cure them. Many women are turning to nature remedies, whereas others are using some good old fashioned TLC.

Either way, if you experience cramping when on your period, you aren’t alone.

Saying Goodbye To Menstrual Cramps and Hello Vacay!

You don’t have to be down in the dumps and suffer from the PMS blues! You can easily make the most of your trip, even when you are on your period.


Medication for uterus cramps


Ibuprofen + Naproxen

These types of medications can reduce the cramping in your uterus, and even lighten your flow or relieve any discomfort you might be feeling. Some many women, though, this doesn’t even touch the sides of relief as cramping can also cause vomiting, nausea, and even diarrhea.

Evening Primrose Oil

If you prefer a more natural route to cure your menstrual cramps then you might be interested to try evening primrose oil. It contains essential fatty acids that help to support regular hormone functioning and reduce menstrual cramps. It can also help to reduce other symptoms like breast soreness, bloating, acne, irritability, foggy thinking, and more to help you beat your PMS blues and enjoy your vacay fun!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

If you are a lover of tea then this might be a great option to beat your menstrual cramps. Made from the leaves of raspberries, this tea is used to regulate your menstrual cycle and reduce cramping, as well as aid in fertility. It is also jam packed with nutrients including iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium, and vitamins B1, B3, C, and E.  Nobody said you need to lock yourself up in your hotel room, take a cup of tea and sit by the poolside.

Black Cohosh

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. It’s a plant that is used in herbal medicines to balance out hormones that are thrown completely out of order during your period. The Native Americans also used it as a pain treatment to relax muscle cramping, excessive bleeding, headaches, and water retention.

Valerian Root

This is a popular option amongst women who have menstrual cramps. It’s a nerve tonic that helps you beat distress. In other words, catcha later mood swings! It’s also an excellent pain reliever to help you kick painful period cramps to the curb and enjoy your holiday.

With some helpful tips up your sleeve, you can pack some natural remedies in your suitcase for your next vacay, and don’t let your period ‘cramp’ your style! Plus, don’t forget to pack extra tampons, because you never know!