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Have you ever woken up to a new bump on your face and wondered what in the world you could’ve done to deserve it? Zit happens! It can feel isolating and just so zitty sometimes. Acne can really take a big toll on our self-esteem within and beyond puberty. Many of us know all too well, many adults get acne too! It doesn’t need to be taboo or awkward to talk about considering what a common experience it is for so many people, no matter our age, colour, gender, or size. Let’s not forget, we’re human. The conversations we have around acne should be uplifting, and having you join us here right now is an awesome way to start this journey for yourself and those around you.

Why does this matter?

Last month we invited you all to take part in our special activation. 1000 of you showed up to share your acne journey through our survey, or with us in person. Today we’re super excited to open up the conversation about acne -- cystic, hormonal, body, teen acne -- nothing is off limits.

When we talk about beauty, there is no single definition, but several (and that’s the beauty of it). Your acne does not define you! 65% of you defined beauty as having clear skin. We’re hoping to melt away this statistic and show that you’re so much more than your acne or the blemishes on your skin. We see you glowing from here and we need you to see that too!

Meltdown Acne Oil

Meltdown Acne Oil