S e l f   c a r e   i s   t h e   n e w   g o i n g   o u t

S e l f   c a r e   i s   t h e   n e w   g o i n g   o u t

This fire pairs well with...

Cloud 9 Cramp Oil

Essential Oil for Cramps
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We're Blume

We’re world shapers and change makers

Truth-tellers and taboo-breakers

Dreamers and doers who are all about reaching new heights

And shattering glass ceilings on our way up here

We cherish our bodies

Because they’re as sacred as our values

And as beautiful as our minds

We bleed every month, but it doesn’t hold us back

It only makes us stronger, smarter and so much more capable

We put self care and love first

Which is why we run the world

A brighter future is what it’s all about

And we follow the light, not the leader

Because we work as one

Together, we’ll leave the world better than we found it