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Eco Friendly Period Products

Eco-friendly period products to go with your flow.

Eco Friendly Period Products
Eco Friendly Period Products
Eco Friendly Period Products
Eco Friendly Period Products
Eco Friendly Period Products

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Eco Friendly Period Products

Tampons and pads are a necessary part of many wxmen’s lives. After all, you can’t just go without some sort of protection during your cycle (unless you want to stain all of your favorite clothes). However, it’s important to note that sanitary pads and tampons alone make up over 200,000 tons of waste each and every year. In face, it’s estimated that you will use around 330 pounds of products during your lifetime alone. The worst part is, many of these are synthetic pads and tampons, which can be made of up to 90 percent plastic in some extreme cases, meaning they won’t biodegrade over time. You might not be able to stop using pads altogether, but there is an alternative that’s far more eco-friendly: organic period products.

Environmentally Friendly Period Products

You’re still going to need pads and tampons to take care of your period needs, but ensuring they’re organic is a huge step towards reducing your personal environmental footprint. Unlike synthetic menstrual products, which often contain plastic, chlorine, pesticides and harmful chemicals, organic pads and tampons are simply made of 100% organic cotton, which contributes nothing harmful to the environment when thrown away and which will biodegrade over time. Even the plastic applicators on some brands are made of bio-plastic, making them a zero-waste alternative.

Switching to Organic Pads

The average synthetic pad made with fibers of plastic is estimated to take anywhere between 500 years and 800 years to fully decompose – which is absolutely shocking when you consider how many you go through in even a single period. Meanwhile, an organic cotton pad biodegrades in as little as 6 months. Much better, right? Organic pads also have tons of other benefits you’ll feel more directly, such as: 

  • Better breathability 
  • Lighter, thinner appearance while still maintaining top-tier absorbency 
  • Comfortable cotton, through and through 
  • No plastics or chemicals to irritate skin or cause allergic reactions 

They’re as good for your body and soul as they are for the environment, and if that’s not the ultimate combination, then what is? The best part is that, unlike switching to a natural deodorant, there’s no transition period of waiting and becoming accustomed to the product. You can make the switch now and feel comfortable the whole time.

Using Organic Tampons

Much like organic pads, organic tampons have a whole host of benefits that aren’t environmentally-related (though they’re excellent at reducing waste, too, of course). When you start using these alternatives, you can expect: 

  • 100% organic cotton inserts 
  • A soft, comfortable outer layer 
  • An absorbent inner layer that holds up to any synthetic brand 
  • A bio-plastic applicator for easy, comfortable use 

Just because you’re buying natural doesn’t mean you have to give up customizability, either. You may still purchase organic tampons in super or regular sizes to get the protection you personally need.

Acne Oil for Spot Treatments

Acne is another big curse that those with periods encounter. Some of the most popular acne products out there promise relief and results, but go about it by using alcohol and other chemicals – and they come in non-recyclable containers. Rather than sticking to the same old formulas, switch to a natural acne treatment instead. These use powerful combinations of all-natural ingredients that fight zits before they can even make their debut appearance, and never dry out skin or leave it feeling oily in the process.

Ease Your Cramps

Last but certainly not least, you have to address those cramps. For some, this is the worst part of menstruating altogether. Common treatments include consuming caffeine or taking pills, but there are better alternatives, and ones that are more natural by far. Certain essential oil blends can help you fight off menstrual cramps, back aches and headaches while also balancing your hormones to reduce mood swings and other aspects of your PMS. Furthermore, it’s made of plants rather than chemicals, making it a perfectly eco-friendly alternative. Use this alongside your other organic, eco-friendly period products to give your body and the world the treatment it deserves.

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