Organic vs. Synthetic Tampons

Organic is all the rage in foods, beauty products and even clothing. It probably isn’t surprising then that the (very important) conversation on green living has expanded to include organic tampons. After all, you likely want to be at least just as careful with which period products you use as with which foods you eat. Both are being put in your body, literally! So, the question is this: are organic tampons better? Should you make the switch?

How Organic Tampons Differ From Regular Ones

To answer this question, we first need to understand what organic tampons are. Traditional tampons use a mix of cotton and rayon. The cotton is grown with non-organic pesticides and the rayon is likely treated with chemicals for fragrance and color. The rayon plays an important role in the absorbency of the tampon. If there is an applicator, it is likely made with smooth plastic.

Conversely, organic tampons are made with organic cotton. This means the cotton is either grown without pesticides or only with natural, organic pesticides. Additionally, it is free of any dyes and fragrances. If there is an applicator, it is likely made with a biodegradable material such as cardboard or bioplastic.

Keep in mind that the specifics of each brand of tampon vary. Check the product details on the box to see exactly what a given product is made from. You deserve to know. 


Benefits of Organic Tampons

The main reasons people are drawn to organic tampons is that they don’t have the chemicals that are used to treat regular tampons. The vagina is a mucous membrane, so it absorbs whatever you put into it. This raises the concern of what the side effects of using regular tampons may be that we aren’t even realizing.

It is important to note that the FDA regulated feminine products and has deemed the materials used in regular tamps to be sufficiently safe. However, as mentioned, the bleaches and other chemical treatments are absorbed into the body. Many people who experience periods prefer not to take this risk, given the choice.

Similar for tampon applicators, some people find that traditional applicators are uncomfortable. With the choice between a plastic and all-natural applicator, many choose the latter. Hint: all natural.

It is also worth noting that the absorbency of tampons is similarly regulated. This means that organic tampons are equally absorbent as regular ones. More simply, organic tampons are at least equally as effective with the greater bonus of fewer chemicals.

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