Organic vs. Synthetic Pads

There are several reasons why ears perk to the sound of organic pads for periods. They are simpler, more natural and more environmentally friendly than regular pads. It’s a double whammy that’s good for your body and the environment. Better yet, it is easy to order organic pads online nowadays, even getting them shipped monthly right to your door. However, you may still be wondering this: do organic pads really work?


What Are Organic Feminine Pads?

Regular pads are made from cotton and synthetic materials such as plastics. The cotton is treated with bleach and sometimes even chlorine! On top of that, it is likely grown with non-organic pesticides. Think about it, all these chemicals can be absorbed by your body. In fact, vaginas are very good at absorbing anything put in them. This is why some medicines have to be designed for vaginal use.

It is important to note that feminine products are tested and regulated by the FDA. This means that they have been deemed sufficiently safe for use. However, the non-organic products used in regular pads really do affect the body. Therefore, many people who have periods prefer to use organic pads given the choice.

Organic or all natural pads, on the other hand, use organic cotton that is untreated and has been grown either with no pesticides or with organic pesticides. Instead of plastics, they use absorbent cellulose cores which are natural and way less likely to irritate your vagina or skin!



How Do Organic Pads Feel?

Organic feminine pads meet or exceed the absorbency standard of regular pads. Therefore, beyond simply being all natural, the main difference between organic and regular pads is how comfortable they are.

Thanks to their natural materials, organic pads are more breathable than regular ones. The cellulose core locks away fluid while the organic cotton lets your skin breathe. Many people who experience periods find this to be a lot more comfortable than the less breathable plastic materials used in regular pads. 

As you can imagine by now, synthetic materials are more likely to cause skin irritation than organic cotton. The bleach and other treatments used on synthetic pads can also affect your skin and vagina. These have been tested by the FDA. Nonetheless, with a safer option available, this risk is one you don’t have to take!

Organic pads feel a little different from regular ones, which can take some getting used to. However, most bleeders who try them, actually prefer them and find them more comfortable to use.


Are Organic Pads Better?

The big question is this: why use organic tampons and pads? Are they any better? The short answer is that they are better because they are safer and have fewer chemical treatments. Many bleeders prefer the simplicity, comfort and environmentally-friendliness of organic pads!

When it comes to having sufficient absorbency for your period cycle, organic and regular pads are on roughly even footing. Additionally, the organic option is safer and more comfortable for most people. It only makes the most sense to go with the all-natural product!


Try Going Organic

You could experience the benefits of organic feminine products for yourself! You deserve it and we are here for you. Pick up some of the best organic pads and tampons and see what you think during your next period cycle. It’s a safe, comfortable, effective and convenient option for your period care. Join the many others switching to organic period products! 


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