*NEW* Blume Packaging FAQ

Hey it’s the Blume Gang! Don’t recognize us? We know we look a bit different, but we were due for a refresh, plus who doesn’t love a good glo-up? Our new packaging was designed with you in mind, based on all your feedback.

Old Blume Packaging:

Meltdown: lots of spillage resulting in... well, meltdowns and broken drippers :(

Hug Me: hard to twist, shape made it difficult for some to apply, didn't hold as much product as we wanted to squeeze in

Daydreamer: same same but different

Cloud 9: The roller ball had some room to grow for smooth application

New Blume Packaging: 

Meltdown: new pump to give you the exact amount of product you need, pump = No. More. Spillage! and same glass bottle

Hug Me: rounded top for easier and smoother application, new packaging holds more product <3

Daydreamer: keeping it simple with the glo-up from sticker to *drumroll please* ...screen-print!

Cloud 9: smoother roller ball to (literally) roll your PMS pains away, still travel friendly and leak proof glass bottle

So you might be wondering… 

Q. Is the plastic recyclable?

A. Yes! All of it is fully recyclable, including Meltdown’s pump

Q. Are Meltdown and Cloud 9 still bottled in glass?

A. You betcha! 

Q. Are the formulas still made within North America?

A. Yes, and proudly! Meltdown, Daydreamer and Stargirl are made in Canada. Hug Me and Cloud 9 are made in the US.

Q. Wait! What about Stargirl?

A. Of course we couldn’t leave her out. Stay tuned ;)

Throughout the past year, we’ve hit a lot of incredible milestones and we want to thank every single one of you for joining us on our bluming journey. As we’re still a small team (of 9!), we’re stoked on our new look to give a cuter home to the same ingredients and formulas you already know and love. Celebrate with us and see more on Instagram @blume

Lots of love,

Taran, Bunny & the team at Blume