How to Treat Acne Prone Skin: A Dermatologist’s Expert Opinion

When it comes to skincare, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. Some say that you should use strong products to dry out acne-prone skin, while others recommend gentle moisturizers to keep it hydrated. We wanted to know the truth about the best approach to acne-prone skin, so we turned to our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Leela Athalye, for expert advice. 

According to Dr. Athalye, hydration is crucial for acne-prone skin, and a common misconception is that oily skin doesn't need moisturizer. "A misconception is that oily skin doesn't need moisturizer. However, oily skin that is not moisturized may overproduce oil to compensate," explains Dr. Athalye. This overproduction of oil can cause clogged pores, leading to more breakouts. To avoid this, it's essential to keep acne-prone skin hydrated with non-comedogenic moisturizers like Blume’s Meltdown Gel Cream that won't clog pores. 

In addition to preventing breakouts, keeping acne-prone skin hydrated can also improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. As Dr. Athalye explains, "hydration is super important for acne skin. For an added boost of hydration, Blume’s Meltdown Acne Oil not only helps melt away acne but also gives you an intense burst of hydration." Well-hydrated skin is more supple and elastic, making it less prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help to reduce redness and inflammation, both of which are common in acne-prone skin.

For first-time skincare users, such as teens, Dr. Athalye recommends using gentle products. "I love products that are gentle and friendly for first-time users so they can tolerate them and benefit long-term. Blume is a great option because they focus on protecting your skin barrier and keeping your skin hydrated," she says. Starting with gentle products can help prevent irritation and avoid making acne-prone skin worse. Over time, you can gradually introduce more active ingredients to your routine as your skin becomes more accustomed to them.

When it comes to overall health and wellness, a good skincare routine can play a significant role. “A good skincare routine can help boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Good skincare routines help patients control the narrative of their skin and therefore feel more confident," adds Dr. Athalye. ✨


Finally, as we head into the summer months, it's essential to protect your skin from UV rays, which can cause hyperpigmentation and discoloration. "I love Milky Fade Scar Fading Serum for its natural brightening properties and an SPF to protect from UV rays," says Dr. Athalye. Milky Fade is a great natural option for those looking to reduce discoloration, while a good SPF will help prevent further damage from the sun's harmful rays. ☀️

At Blume, we know that taking care of your skin can be a challenge, especially when dealing with acne-prone skin. That's why we're committed to using gentle, natural ingredients in our skincare products, so you can keep your skin healthy and glowing without any harsh chemicals or irritants. 💜