5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Confident During Breakouts

Knowing how to have confidence with acne is all about staying realistic and facing the facts. Here are five reasons why you can totally stay positive and self-assured despite a breakout!

It's Not Your Fault

Even if you’re blaming yourself right now, at least you’re here in this moment to seek one of the most feel-good solutions -- regaining your confidence!

For most people, however, your acne is largely beyond your control. Instead, you're left to the whims of your hormones and genetics. If you're using a face wash with natural ingredients to cleanse your skin twice daily, applying an oil-free moisturizer and targeting blemishes with spot treatments, you're already doing a solid job of fighting your acne, whether it shows on your face or not. Keep it up!

Like, Everybody Breaks Out

You know what they say about people throwing stones in glass houses, right? They've all had a pimple — or 20. When you're struggling with acne, it's so important to remember that you're not the only one. Almost everyone you've ever met has been in your shoes! They've developed a massive zit before a first date, the morning of an important presentation, or simply on what would've been an otherwise lovely Tuesday.

It's totally understandable to feel like everyone’s staring at your breakout, but try to remain realistic. Your friends don't hang out with you because of your complexion and that whopper on your forehead isn't the first blemish your cashier at Target has seen today. We’re human, it’s normal.

Science Has Your Back

When your acne confidence is at an all-time low, remember that scientists and researchers are working to find new and improved ways to clear your skin every single day! From consulting with an experienced dermatologist to nourishing your skin with an organic acne treatment, there are countless ways that science can help you minimize redness, irritation, and healing time of your acne.

Your Worth Isn’t Based On Your Skin

If feeling confident during breakouts is a challenge, remember that there's SO much more to you than the state of your skin! Maybe you're a rock star at school or the office. Maybe you're an incredible parent. Maybe you volunteer at the local animal shelter, have a killer jump shot, make a mean mushroom risotto, or can recite all the words to “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

No matter what, when you stop for a second and take a personal inventory of all the ways you absolutely rule, you'll likely find that (A) that list is longer than you thought, and (B) it has squat to do with your pores! You got this. 

These Zits Won't Last 4ever 

It's that simple. Breakouts are temporary. Friendships, family, and that mushroom risotto are forever. Keeping a cool head can go a long way toward contextualizing the emotional rollercoaster of a zit and building acne positivity within yourself and those around you.

Breakouts are no fun — not for you, not for your dad, not for Beyoncé. That's right: Even Beyoncé has had a pimple or two. The next time you break out, don't break down. Put your pimples in perspective and remember that we’re here for you and no matter how your skin’s looking, you’re still a badass.