Audrie Segura's #SelfCareRecipe

Audrie is the founder of Proudamore, a brand consulting agency that helps brands create influencer marketing campaigns and social media strategies. She's also the host of Tag Me, a podcast that shares social media tips from successful online creatives, brands, and talent. In this #SelfCareRecipes, we discuss how Audrie has used self care to heal herself through life adversities, and how she has now adapted her recipe to fuel her multifaceted career.

What does self care mean to you?

Self care is a lifestyle, and involves being mindful of everything around you and what you put into your body. Self Care is truly just honoring yourself in whatever way makes sense to you. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s about your recipe for feeling whole and good about yourself.


When did you find the need to develop healthy self care habits?

My whole life I swept things under the rug and only knew how to handle emotions that embodied happiness and excitement. I didnt have the tools to properly navigate any emotion that included sadness or guilt or shame. After my bother passed away, I went to treatment for debilitating anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder in 2012. I had a spiritual advisor who talked to me a lot about self love and helped me find the depths of who I am. That was the first time in my life where someone had asked me how I really felt.

The other part of my life was when I was working with an agency as a consultant, juggling about thirty clients. I would wake up at 6 am and go to bed at midnight, since I was answering emails, producing events, handling influencer marketing, and travelling. It was a lot and I hit a wall- I wasn’t eating properly or sleeping. At that point I realized that I love my career and what I do, but life involves so much more than just doing. I realized the importance of balance. 

You’ve come a long way- how would you say you maintain your self care routine given all of the different things you do?

My self care routine evolves with me, and I'm always gentle with myself. I started out doing yoga and meditation ten years ago. I got certified because I loved it so much and realized the power it held, but at the same time I wasn’t too gentle with myself. Now, I actually block schedule my day in order to be present. I don’t schedule my first meeting of the day until 11 am since I stay up late. This allows me to wake up, be present, lay in bed, make breakfast, take my supplements, clean, and get ready for the day. The best way to start a day is inspired, peaceful, and present, not rushed.


What are your favorite bathroom essentials that help you practice self care?

I love a bathroom with natural light and a calm feeling. I love waterfall vibes in the shower so that I can rinse away emotions and energies. My oil diffuser is amazing, I love to use it with lavender at night while I shower. I also love Cloud 9 when I have cramps. I’m not someone who likes medication unless I absolutely need it, so I love that Cloud 9 gives me that option to stay natural. Also obsessed with all Summer Fridays products!

What is your absolute favorite life motto?

My two life mottos are ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘nothing lasts forever’. It’s kind of scary to think about, but it's so comforting. No matter what’s happening, good or challenging, there’s nothing in our lives that has ever lasted forever. There’s no experience that won’t pass and it’s the most comforting thing ever. When I look back at life, i just really trust and believe in manifesting and being a good person. It will come back to you and the universe provides. 


What’s your favorite personal affirmation:

I like to say ‘I am whole’. In the beginning stages of my life, I relied on outside factors to make me feel good. It’s so nice to now know that although there is no such thing as security, if I feel secure within myself and love myself, then nothing can knock me over. I am always there for myself and it’s so nice.

You can find Audrie on Instagram, through Tag Me Podcast, or at Proudamore! Stay tuned for more #SelfCareRecipes coming soon.