So you've stacked up some BBs, and you want to cash them in!

Here's how to do it:

Visit any page on and click on the palm tree Blumetopia launcher in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Palm Tree Launcher

If you're not already signed in, click 'Sign in.'

You'll be prompted to sign into your Blume account. (If you've registered for Blumetopia in the past and you've been collecting BBs since then, you definitely have one!)

Sign in, and click the palm tree in the bottom right again, or select 'Blumetopia' under 'My Account' to dive back in.
If you scroll down, you should see your Blume Bucks balance! And if you've racked up enough BBs to redeem a prize, you'll see an option to claim your reward.

Click on that reward, and to redeem it, just click 'Redeem!'

You can also click 'All rewards' to view other options for redeeming your BBs.

To redeem any of these rewards, as long as you've got enough BBs, click 'View.'

It's as easy as that!

Questions? Email us at, or text us at +1 (718) 650 2535.