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Essential Oil for Cramps

Cramps. Mood swings. Cravings. Bloating. We know the drill. That’s why we created a heavenly blend of essential oils made to lift your spirits and ease the pain when your body is feeling like a total PMS mess. So if you’re about to lose it, just grab your Cloud 9 and roll with it. 


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Cloud 9

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Like your PMS guardian angel.

  • Soothes cramps, back aches and headaches

  • Calms PMS

  • Balances hormones

The Breakdown

Skin Type

Any and every!


A blissful mix of florals, herbs, and peppermint.


Five to ten circles are recommended, but feel free to roll away!


Whenever you need a PMS pick-me-up.

How it's done

  1. Roll It

    Start with five to ten circular motions on your abdomen, wrists, chest, or temples.
  2. Rub It

    Blend it into skin with your fingers to really absorb the scent.
  3. Relax + Breathe

    Sit back and float off to your happy place.

What's Inside

Clary Sage

A warm, soothing sedative that calms inflammation.


Perks up the senses while fighting muscle spasms and relieving nausea.


Lifts your mood and eases your achy head.


Fights depression and anxiety like a boss.


Enhances your ever-changing mood while lessing fatigue.

Ingredients: jojoba*, essential oils*: clary sage*, peppermint*, geranium*, bergamot*, lemon*, non-gmo vegetable source vitamin e– * organic

Plays well with

A Hot Bath

Put it on your temples during and roll it on afterward.


Let it carry you off to dreamland.

Your to-do List

Because when anxiety is low, focus can be high.


Slim enough to slip into your pocket or purse for on-the-go relaxation.

Vegan, Cruelty free, No added fragrance, pregnancy safe, travel friendly, Gluten free

Blume Box

The box that goes with your flow

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