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Bluming with Women 2021 #IWD

As a fully women-led team of 11, showing up to work together everyday is a radical act for us. There’s not a day that we take for granted and our hope is to continue being a force for change in making our team, and what we represent, more common (and accessible) for future generations. It’s ingrained in Blume’s blueprint to be community focused starting with the root of it all: safe access + trusted resources.

At Blume, we strive towards creating a more inclusive, transparent, and meaningful community every day, in all that we do! This applies to our products (and the ones to come, *wink wink*), but most importantly, how we engage and interact with all of you. 

Last year, we made the brand decision to start using "womxn" instead of "women" in our brand guidelines with only good intentions to grow with the evolution of inclusive messaging, for our community and all women that visit our page. The term “womxn” was (then) introduced as the new term for all women to reclaim and redefine it. We recently learned this isn’t necessarily the case.

Our team’s goal is to always listen, learn, and be able to correct ourselves to become better (and safer) for our community. We’re so energized by these social movements and rise in educational posts on Instagram, especially in the last year. 

We’re learning that “womxn” can actually do more harm than good, especially for trans women and non-binary people. We'll be using "women" moving forward because our brand, like the real humans we are behind it, is ever-evolving, learning, and BLUMING!  

Check out Girlboss’ Instagram Post here to read more about this decision.

When we first learned of the term “womxn,” we were taught that it was created to include those who were traditionally excluded such as women of color, transwomen, and non-binary people. However, transwomen are women and there should be no special distinction to differentiate them as they are all women that fall under the same category “women.” We will no longer be using “womxn” in our band messaging.

Here are some unintentional transphobic definitions:

*From @girlboss post here

“preferred pronouns”
These are not optional as these are a part of someone’s way of identifying themselves
“Identifies as”/ “women-identifying”
Making gender seem like it’s a choice
“Women & nonbinary people”
Grouping these 2 groups together gives the unintention that nonbinary people are “women lite”.

More than anything, we hope this inspires you! To always keep an open mind to learn, to listen, and never be afraid to correct yourself (relearn) to become a better you. 

As always, our DMs are always open if you’d like to continue this conversation with us!

Lots of love,

Your friends at Blume <3