Why Organic

When your period arrives, do you use pads and tampons? Have you ever thought about what’s in the products you use each months? Traditional pads and tampons can actually be causing harm to your body and the environment. What do we mean when we say traditional? The other guys are the brands that we have purchased for years from our local drugstores and big box retailers. The brands you usually see on TV commercials with the blue liquid, white pants and girls frolicking in fields.

Let’s talk about the body for a second, specifically the vagina. Do you spend a lot of time taking care of what is on the outside, like eating expensive avo toast & acai bowls, popping our daily vitamins and even expensive underwear? So, if it makes sense to look after what’s on the outside, then why not look after the inside of your vagina?

Your vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of your body. Non-organic tampons and pads can contain mild doses of bleach, not to mention pesticides and synthetic fibers. These toxins can be absorbed by your vaginal mucosa and is passed into your bloodstream and our reproductive organs.

So, why not switch to organic tampons and pads instead? Organic period products are better for you and the environment.  There are some important facts you should know about the tampons and pads you have lying around, and how you can protect your health.

Traditional Tampons + Pads Aren’t Living Up To Standards

Tampons and pads have been around for a really long time. Like they’re ancient, literally! You’d think it would be easy to find out what toxins are in your hygiene products, but you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually not so easy. The ingredients found in traditional tampons are actually pretty alarming. Here are a few of them:  

  • Dioxins - a toxic compound that is actually present in all humans. We can thank animal protein for that! Only trace amounts are found in traditional tampons, but it can still lead to health problems.
  • Chlorine - did you know that tampons aren’t naturally white? They go through an intense bleaching process to make them that way.
  • Glyphosate - a popular herbicide that is found in weed killer. Health issue associated with this one? The big C - cancer.

  • The Benefits Of Going All Organic

    Organic Cotton

    Want another reason why you should switch from traditional to organic period products? Tampons + pads are made out of cotton, right? Well, most of them are. Traditional tampons and pads don’t use natural cotton and most are highly processed with a number of toxins like pesticides and insecticides and mixed with rayon and other synthetic fibers.

    So, why should your vagina go green? For so many reasons!

    It’s Good For Your Health

    You only get one body, so it’s important that you take care of it! Organic tampons and pads don’t contain any of the toxins found in traditional period products. They are 100% natural, and the cotton is grown free of pesticides.

    And did we mention, there have been no reported cases of TSS associated to organic tampons. It is definitely still possible, however is hasn’t happened yet!

    It’s Better For The Environment

    Have you ever flushed a tampon down the toilet? If you have then you are definitely not alone. What many women don’t take much notice of when they go about their day to day life on their period is that flushing a tampon down the toilet can actually put harmful chemicals like bleach into the water. You can guess what happens then, huh? Those chemicals make their way into the ocean, polluting the water and sea life. Yes, even the fish are affected!

    The other guys’ tampons usually come with plastic applicators, which means that the plastic eventually ends up in our oceans.  At Blume, all of our pad and tampons packaging is biodegradable, include the cardboard applicators. So you don’t have to worry about adding waste to the world!

    While there are certainly benefits for your body when you switch to organic tampons, like knowing EXACTLY what you are putting in your vagina, there is also peace of mind knowing that it is better for the environment. By switching over, Dory can just keep on swimming!

    We make going natural, second nature. Shop period products that are good for you at meetblume.com