Why Do I Still have Acne in My 20s?!

It always starts out the same. You lean into the mirror, staring intently as you wonder, "why am I breaking out?" After all, you're in your 20s and puberty is a closed chapter. You're past the hormonal teenage years, so what’s going on? The truth is there could be several causes for your face breaking out as an adult.

What’s Adult Acne?

Adult acne is exactly what it sounds like: acne that you get while you're an adult. During your teenage years, your hormones are changing frequently, which causes many teens to break out but have their skin clear up as they reach adulthood. Well, that actually isn't the case for a lot of people! Some adults experience acne from bacteria that gets into the pores, clogging them and causing whiteheads or blackheads. This is most common on the face, neck, chest, and back.

Stress Is the Biggest Factor

When you're in your 20s, your stress levels tend to climb exponentially. You go from high school, where you have stress, but also know what’s expected of you and have parents or mentors to fall back on, to being in college or at your first job and in your first apartment as you figure things out on your own. Naturally, this raises your stress levels. Higher stress releases more cortisol and testosterone into your system, which can increase the likelihood of breakouts, even if you never really had them as a teenager.

Air Pollutants Are Another Problem

Pollutants are other problems that lead to adult acne and the need for organic acne treatment. When you put on makeup each day and then forget to take it off at night, the minerals from it leech into your skin, leading to clogged pores that cause acne. Even if you don't wear makeup, tiny dirt and debris particles that float around in the air also attach to your face and can cause acne if you aren't washing your face every evening.

The Wrong Skin Care Products

Many wonder "what’s causing my adult acne," but not many look to their own actions as the culprit. The fact is, the skin care products you choose could be why you have acne in the first place. Heavy creams, for example, may seem like they're great for moisturizing, but they're often made for older people who don't produce as much oil. Using them when you're in your 20s can cause too much oil production and lead to breakouts. It’s also important to use gentle cleansers and ingredients, and only to use them when and where you need them. For example, if you don't have a dry T-zone, you don't need to use a moisturizer in the area, as it may clog your pores!

So, now that you know what's causing your acne, what you do about it? You can treat it accordingly. Wash your face at least once per day (but no more than twice!) using a face wash