What are the Ingredients in Stargirl?

Yep, the rumours are true. Everyone’s still talking about the new girl in town. Her galactic glow is contagious and brighter than the stars. There’s no stopping this beaming energy!


Here’s what you need to know about the face mist everyone’s (literally) glowing about — Stargirl. 


Shining bright over the other face mists on this planet, Stargirl is totally out of this world! Its rich combination of rose water, aloe and witch hazel work naturally together to soothe tired and dry skin, rejuvenating our faces with a dewy look and fresh feeling. Whether it’s for extra hydration before bed, the perfect morning wake-me-up or an airy and fresh makeup setting spray, Stargirl can do it all with just a simple spritz (or three). 


How does it work?


Stargirl works hard to ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished, no matter the time of day, no matter your type of skin. Our face mist also pairs perfectly with our blemish treatment Meltdown, like Lizzie and Miranda… okay, maybe more like Lizzie and Gordo #MeantToBe. Meltdown and Stargirl are the ultimate acne-fighting and blemish-blocking power duo.

Stargirl is a light face mist that spritzes evenly onto the face that feels soothing on the skin, while calming it. The fresh smell of natural rose mixed with aloe leave for the easiest way for a mid-day refresh or final step to your daytime or nighttime skincare routine (or both). 

So, what are the ingredients in Stargirl?


Aloe Juice: Aloe vera is not only great for sunburns, it’s SO rich in vitamins and antioxidants that work to reduce the appearance and even frequency of acne, as well as many other health benefits to protect your skin.

Witch Hazel: This common natural solution for anti-inflammatory purposes greatly relieves sensitive skin by soothing and de-puffing it. Witch Hazel has several perks for protection and prevention, especially for those with acne or any irritated skin. 

Rose Water: You’ve likely heard of this before, smelled it, or even used it! Rose water is a classic go-to for facial products (and for good reason). The anti-bacterial properties are strong fighters in reducing redness, irritation, and also protect your skin from any infections, acne, or blemishes. P.S. the smell is totally divine for anytime of day. 

Blue Tansy Oil: So calming, so soothing, and oh so amazing for acne! This power flower is full of benefits to chill out and calm down any irritated skin, all while fighting incoming blemishes and signs of aging. Blue tansy also gives Stargirl the pretty blue hue (but don’t worry, it’s clear as a mist). 

Peppermint: The skincare favourite for feeling fresh. Like the other ingredients of Stargirl, peppermint helps control any breakouts but also brightens and hydrates the skin. It’s great for treating oily skin to keep things under control through its cleansing properties.

Clary Sage Oil: Stress isn’t a great feeling, and clary sage helps us ease anxiety on your skin and within your body. It’s also incredibly lovely for treating bacteria on our skin to help combat acne and future breakouts. 

Basil Oil: Popularly known for all its health benefits, inside and out, we love basil oil for improving and healing existing acne. It’s also commonly used for aromatherapy, adding to Stargirl’s list of smell-good ingredients! 

No matter your pronouns, Stargirl can embody anyone and everyone of all ages, genders, colours, or sizes. We all have the galactic glow within us. Stargirl helps bring that out to the surface while keeping us hydrated and protected all day long. Keep on shining bright like the star you are and happy misting!