Blume News


WE ARE OFFICIALLY 3 (!!!) Cue *virtual* happy dance!

It’s been such a big year for us and there is nobody we’d rather share this celebration with than YOU!  We launched Blume with a mission to make self care and periods easier and healthier, while smashing taboos. Between our clean community curated products, educational content and real skin campaigns, we wouldn’t be here today without each and every one of you. 3 for us is HUGE, and we’ve had some amazing milestones along the way that we’re so grateful to share with you.

Here are some of our highlights from the last 12 months: 

Launched in over 550+ ULTA Beauty locations across the US + !
This was a huge step towards us accomplishing our goal of making safe, gentle, and effective period + self care products more accessible to people beyond our own home here in Canada! We loved seeing your photos meeting our dreamy product lineup IRL and we love how we look on your bathroom shelf.

Officially Climate Neutral Certified!
Our team worked closely with @beclimateneutral to measure our 2020 carbon emissions, offset our entire footprint by investing in #climatechange solutions, and launch a plan to reduce our emissions in 2021 and the years ahead. Taking care of your skin + our planet is at the forefront of what we do at Blume- and we never want those things to be mutually exclusive.

Got Gigi Hadid’s stamp of approval on Hug Me! 
We have been pinching ourselves since this happened - and thankfully it wasn’t a dream! Gigi is a self love icon, and we are honoured to hear that she trusted our all natural deodorant Hug Me to keep her BO-free during her pregnancy.

Reached 100k of you on Instagram (OMG)
We love Instagram because it’s our #1 way to connect with each of you! we're so grateful to continue working towards our mission of making self care and periods easier and healthier, while smashing taboos, with over 100k of you!

Bought over 375 Starbucks drinks for you all! 
We love seeing what self care means to everyone, and it’s always been clear to us that a huge self love + care treat is one we all have in common: STARBS! Subscribe to our SMS so you can always be the first to hear about surprises and treats.

Sold 1 Meltdown every 8 minutes
WHAT! This one is especially crazy + it’s all you!! We love knowing that you guys love Meltdown as much as we do. In a year of mask-ne, hormone changes and stress, Meltdown is the only acne treatment that won’t leave your skin dry or flakey. What products do you want us to release next? ;)

Shifting the narrative: 18% drop in # of people who think “beauty” = Clear Skin! 
Around our last birthday we asked you all to tell us what beauty meant or looked like to you, and you mostly answered clear skin! What we’ve learned together this year is that healthy skin = perfect skin, and breakouts are normal for all of us.In a more recent survey, there was a drop of 18% of you that thought beauty = clear skin!! HUGE + we can’t wait to keep this on the decline. 

We are going on the record to say THANK YOU for celebrating the milestones that brought us to 3 YEARS OLD! We promise to continue creating safe + effective products, , smashing taboos and making periods and self care easier + healthier. 
Our DMs are always open + we’d *love* to chat all things self care and Bluming, so let us know what you want to see from us this new year <3