The Danger of Scented Tampons

Whether you've read a few too many things on the internet, or your older family members have old-fashioned views, many people who menstruate mistakenly believe that menses causes unmistakable odor that people in the surrounding area will notice. Sometimes, this leads people to believe they need dangerous scented tampons. In reality, menses is quite normal and almost never noticeable, and there are many reasons to avoid tampons with added fragrance.

Tampons Already Cause Problems

One of the biggest reasons to avoid scented tampons is because even traditional ones are already known to cause problems. Unless you shop organic tampons, you likely aren't buying the best products for your vagina. Tampons dry out the mucus membranes in the vagina, which makes self-cleaning harder and can even encourage the growth of bacteria. In addition, if you get busy and forget that you're wearing a tampon, you could make yourself sick with Toxic Shock Syndrome. Furthermore, all scented tampons are made of rayon, which is known to be even more drying than other materials.

Scented Tampons Use Too Many Ingredients

When answering the question "are scented tampons bad for you," consider the ingredients used in them. Even traditional ones aren't very clear about the ingredients that are used in them. In fact, some experts agree that fragrant tampons can add hundreds more ingredients to the products. Since fragrances are considered trade secrets, the companies making the tampons don't need to provide a list of the ingredients to consumers.

They Haven't Been Tested

Tampons don't undergo rigorous product testing, which means their scented versions don't, either. Without testing to ensure what ingredients are in the tampons and how they affect wearers, you can't be sure how one will affect you. This means you could be putting yourself at unnecessary risk for a plethora of side effects.

They Disrupt the Body's Natural Process

If you're wondering "can scented tampons cause infections?" the simple answer is yes. By using scented tampons, you disrupt your body's natural process. The fragrances can throw off your pH balance, ridding the body of the good vaginal bacteria that fights against infections and diseased organisms, and giving the bad bacteria a chance to overgrow and thrive. Even if you don't get a serious infection, you could find yourself feeling itchy or otherwise irritated.

Possible Side Effects of Scented Tampons

There are a range of possible scented tampons side effects. The minimal testing that tampons have undergone shows that fragranced tampons can cause endocrine disruptors that cause long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals. Other possible side effects include neurotoxin exposure, allergen exposure, hormonal disruption, and a higher risk of contracting Bacterial Vaginosis or Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Are Scented Tampons Safe?

Simply put, scented tampons are not safe. In fact, if you can, you should only buy organic tampons and seek out organic products from companies that go above and beyond to show you that they offer a safe, natural product. Avoid anything with scents or that uses rayon as one of its materials.


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