First things first, what is puberty? Puberty refers to the period in your life when your body to starts to change. It’s not scary, and it shouldn’t be uncomfortable! Everyone goes through puberty their own way, at their own time and it should totally be embraced, not shamed!

As you begin puberty, your body grows in many different ways, like you might grow taller or discover hair on your body that wasn’t there before.  It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, or where you live. No two people are the same, but one thing all adults have in common is that they made it through puberty (is there a medal for that?)

When Does Puberty Start?

Usually, puberty starts between the ages 8 and 13 in girls and ages 9 and 15 in boys. This wide range in age explains why you and your friends may look and feel different even if you’re the same age. You might start puberty earlier or later than your friends, and that’s totally normal. Everyone’s body is different and will grow and change at different times and in different ways.

When your body is ready to begin puberty, your pituitary gland releases a hormone that starts making changes to your body. Girls and boys experience puberty differently, let’s learn more!

Puberty For Girls:

Puberty for girls starts when the pituitary gland releases a hormone that targets your ovaries. This hormone release causes your ovaries to create another hormone called estrogen and prepares your body for your period or pregnancy (if that’s what you want!).

You’ll also find that your body shape will begin to change. You might become curvier, your hips will likely widen and you’ll start growing breasts. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the new changes to your body, that’s okay! Puberty is usually the time girls begin wearing a training bra, which might make you feel more comfortable!

You might also notice white discharge on your underwear. This is a normal part of puberty for girls and it’s your vaginas way of staying clean. A little tip - change your underwear often to keep yourself clean and or use a pantyliner!

Puberty For Boys:

Puberty for Boys Banana in Pink Background

Puberty for boys starts when the pituitary gland releases a hormone that targets your testes. The testes are located in the scrotum and are where the hormone testosterone and sperm are produced. Testosterone is the hormone that will cause most of the changes in your body during puberty.

Your sperm will begin to grow and multiply, meaning that your body is ready to reproduce. You’ll also find that your voice will also deepen, and you’ll grow facial and body hair.

No two people are the same, and some boys shoulders tend to grow wider and more muscular, while others tend to grow taller and leaner. One thing all boys have in common during puberty is your penis and testes will grow.

Puberty For Both Genders

I thought you said boys and girls will experience puberty differently? That’s absolutely right, but there are some parts of going through puberty that boys and girls will experience in a similar way or almost the same.

It’s Like Having A Growth Spurt

Puberty is around the age where boys and girls get a growth spurt. A ‘spurt’ is a short burst of activity where your body grows quickly. That explains why your sleeves are always getting shorter or you can see your ankles at the bottom of your pants.

Everyone will experience a growth spurt differently during puberty. You may already find that your friends are getting taller and you’re not, or the other way around. This is normal!

A growth spurt usually lasts for about 2-3 years, and during that time you might feel some pain in your arms and legs. These are called growing pains.

You’ll Start To Grow More Hair

One of the very first signs of puberty is growing hair where there wasn’t any before. Both boys and girls start growing hair under their arms and around their pubic areas. At first, you might not have much hair growth and it will be light in color. Then, as you keep going through puberty your hair will become longer, thicker, and sometimes darker. Eventually, guys will also start to grow hair on their face and chest.

Your Face Will Also Experience Changes

Both boys and girls can develop acne during puberty. Your skin may start to get oilier and pimples will start popping up on your face, upper back, and chest. You can help keep your skin clean by washing your face twice a day. We recommend using products with fewer chemicals and harsh ingredients. Always moisturize!  If you want to avoid breakouts, don’t squeeze, pick or pop your pimples (they’ll scar)! Day Dreamer is the perfect morning and night face wash, that’s gentle enough for your skin, but keeps you clean. Pair it with Meltdown before bed and avoid any scarring (because you don’t need to be reminded of puberty for the rest of your life).

Get Ready To Welcome Body Odor

Puberty Body Odor Smell

Body odor (B.O.) is a smell that also comes along with puberty. You might notice that you’re starting to smell under your arms, especially after physical activity. This is because the puberty hormones stimulate the glands in your skin including the sweat glands on your armpits. Your sweat, mixed with bacteria, is what causes body odor. To avoid this, make sure you shower every day, either in the morning before you go to school or the night before. You can also apply deodorant every morning and after physical activity. Blume’s Hug Me is a natural deodorant that actually works.  It’s aluminum and paraben free. The secret weapon? Probiotics.

Changes to your body might feel strange and it can take a while to adjust to your new body. Remember, puberty is a normal experience we all go through. Everyone develops differently and at different times, it’s all part of the process. There is no right or wrong way to look or go through puberty – you have qualities that make you unique!

Live your best life with Blume products like Day Dreamer, Hug Me and Meltdown. Because puberty is something to be celebrated, not shamed.