PCOS Awareness Month With Lindsay Rosso and Melissa Merk

September is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Awareness Month and we've teamed up with Lindsay Rosso and Melissa Merk to learn about their journey with PCOS. 

Lindsay Rosso is a Vancouver fashion and lifestyle influencer who loves to share daily Vancouver encounters. Her followers love how engaged and honest she is when sharing real life experiences, including her journey with PCOS. 

What are some symptoms you started to notice before being diagnosed?

I had incredibly painful periods since I was a teenager to a point that I would vomit from the pain and have to go home from school every month! But in my mid-20s I suddenly got cystic acne on my chin which is hormonal, started gaining a ton of weight with no diet or lifestyle changes and my pain worsened each month. 

How are you adjusting to everyday life with PCOS? 

Every day is different! Some days I'm very optimistic, but on others, I really just wish there were more answers for us with PCOS. It can be very confusing due to contradicting information from doctors, specialists, and what you find online. You really have to find what works best for you and your health goals. 

How do you like to treat yourself? 

I stick to a mostly gluten-free/ dairy-free diet for PCOS but once in a while I pop into my favourite bakery for a decadent croissant! That's a major treat for me. Otherwise, I'm a big spa girl. I love the luxuriousness and relaxation that a spa day can give you. 

Where do you find your biggest support system? 

You might laugh at this, but the women on my IG!! I've connected with hundreds of women with PCOS over the years on my page @lindsrosso and have some incredible conversations in my DMs. My friends are also so supportive, but it's just different when you GET IT. PCOS truly is one of the hardest things I've had to navigate in my life so it's great to have support, resources, and tips from hundreds of women with PCOS right at my fingertips. 

What is something you'd like to share with those who also have PCOS?

Hang in there! Take it one symptom at a time. Listen to your body and do what feels right. Take a break if you need to and understand that most people don't understand PCOS, and what you're going through. I'm hopeful that more answers will come soon! Oh, and try seed cycling for acne!! 

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Melissa Merk is a Vancouver based Content Creator whose content ranges from beauty tricks, fashion hauls and fitness tips, to home decor and travel!

What are some symptoms you started to notice before being diagnosed?

Since my first period I never had a regular cycle. I would only get my period about twice a year so this was my main concern. I also started experiencing hormonal acne that would not improve with any topical treatments. 

Where do you find your biggest support system? 

I have several friends who have PCOS as well as many subscribers/followers. It’s nice being able to chat with people going through similar situations and seeing what has helped them. 

What is something you'd like to share with those who also have PCOS?

I think it's really important to be your own advocate for your health. PCOS can be so different from person to person. It can take lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for you! 

You can find Melissa on Instagram and Youtube!