Mother Daughter Series: Kathy & PatriciaMae

Mother and Daughter Smiling Kathy & PatriciaMae

Introduce yourselves! What do you love most about your relationship?

PATRICIAMAE (Daughter): Hi, my name is PatriciaMae but Mae for short. I am 22,. Filipino-Chinese, happily married to my high school sweetheart and currently a new mom to a 1 year old baby boy. Besides being a new mom, I also currently work part time at a funeral home in the city as well as being a blogger, influencer, and product reviewer. What I love the most about my relationship with my mom is that she is always there when I need someone. She understands me and always pushes me to do my best and supports me in any decision I make. She is definitely someone I admire and am happy to have as my mom.

KATHY (MOM): Hi my name is Kathy. My daughter and I have a very great relationship. We both love shopping, and eating out together. I always make sure that she is guided properly even if she has her own lovely family.

What are some ways you like to practice self-care together?

PATRICIAMAE: I started to educate my mom on skin-care so she can take better care of herself. One thing for sure that I always tell her is to just relax, grab a mask (whether its a sheet ask or a regular mask), pour a glass of wine, and maybe soak in a tub or just relax and watch her favorite TV show/movie.
When we are together however, I talk to my mom about skincare and we watch movies to just relax and unwind

KATHY: Can you count shopping together as a self-care routine? I definitely can see that when we go shopping together, we  bond and it helps us relax in a way. And of course, I love when my daughter talks to me about her latest skin care obsessions and teaches me skincare tips!

Mae, what has your mother taught you about self care / self love?

PatriciaMae (ME): Eating healthy and properly taking care of myself is one way my mom has taught me about self care! As for self-love, she always reminded me that I can accomplish great things whenever I put my mind to it and that she will always be there to support me.

Kathy, on the flipside, what has your daughter taught YOU about self care / love? In words or in actions?

Kathy (MOM): My daughter has taught me about self-care by sharing her skin care tips with me. She told me that I should wear SPF everyday. I honestly found it surprising because back in the day, you were only supposed to use SPF when you go to the beach or are out in the sun.. but now there are so many things that have been discovered. I'm glad to have a daughter who is well educated in things like this so she can help me find new ways to practice self care and keep me updated. Her teaching me about good skin care routines has definitely helped me stay younger looking.

Mother and Daughter Smiling Kathy & PatriciaMae

Kathy, how did you learn about periods, sex ed and your body? What do you wish was different?

KATHY: I learned like how most people do, through sex education in school and my parents. I guess the only different I wish was different was that we were educated more but then again, being educated is totally different from experiencing it on your own.

Has your Mom made taboo topics like puberty and sex more approachable? How so?

PatriciaMae (ME): To be honest, I didn’t learn puberty and sex through my mom. When I was growing up, my mom was lived in New York while I lived in the Philippines. My grandmother was the one who raised me and I honestly didn’t know what a period was until I got mine at school. It was definitely an embarrassing day for me but other than that, I learned about puberty and sex through school (sex education).

Finally, Fill in the blank. I’m thankful for my mom because ___________.

PatriciaMae (ME): I’m thankful for my mom because even though I didn’t grow up with her, after spending time with her (starting from age 12), she had taught me a lot. She taught me how to be who I am today. She is the reason I know how to save money and be considerate and be loving. There are just so many values she had taught me and I am thankful for that. Having her as my mom is something I am always proud of.