Meet Mia: Founder, Director, Screenwriter & Actor

Mia Fiona Kut is the founder and owner of vegan skincare brand Luna Nectar, and an award-winning director, screenwriter, and actor. She can be seen whipping up new cruelty-free, natural products, or on set of her next sci-fi film. We had the pleasure of chatting with Mia about her experience shifting from the movie industry into natural & vegan skin care.

What is the inspiration behind Luna Nectar and why did you start it?

I was in the film industry at the time and although I had a budding career in acting and directing, I felt stagnant, as if I wasn't using my potential to its fullest. I wanted to create something that could help other women. At the time, my sister was showing my her new crazily long lashes, which looked like they had grown overnight. I was amazed with the chemical lash serum she had used, but shocked when she got eczema on her eyelids from using it. I found out that most chemical-based lash serums are made with a compound that is intended to be medication for glaucoma, which means you shouldn't be using it if you do not have glaucoma. That was the catalyst - I formulated my first iteration of an all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free alternative and worked with a chemist to get it ready for market.

Tell us about your skincare journey - how do you choose products that are right for you?

I have extremely dry skin, so I always try to find products that are super hydrating but non-comodogenic. I find that oils that are balanced in oleic and linoleic acid work best for my skin type, such as argan oil. I did recently start to get eczema again after about 10 years of not having it - that's when I formulated Luna Nectar's Heliophilia Glow & Fix Serum as something more potent to feed the skin and protect the skin barrier. It's really helped my roseacea and eczema! Over the years I've developed a quick, effective skincare routine that really works for my skin type: I wash my face with a turmeric bar that doubles as a gentle exfoliator, moisturize with the Heliophilia Serum, then roll the serum deeper into my skin with our Metamorphic Jade Roller!

Do you remember what it was like the first time you got your period? Tell us about it!

I honestly didn't know what was happening! I always thought I had to be a bit older to get my period, so I was not prepared at all. I remember throwing my underpants away and didn't tell anyone about it. I was deep in denial. The second month when it happened, I finally clued in and bought a box of pads, but I was so embarrassed walking around in the period aisle!

How do you practice self-care, and what self-care suggestions do you have for other girls and women?

Doing yoga and meditation really calms my anxiety. There's an amazing app called Insight Timer which is packed full of meditations, mantras, and teachings on many self-care topics. Sleep is paramount, it's very interesting how one or two hours of lost sleep can affect your mind and bodily functions. I've also learned the little things count, such as using essential oils to relax or having a piece of chocolate after dinner. Allow yourself the little joys in life. If it makes you happy, do it! Self-care is also being mindful of your energy, emotions, and thoughts so that you can become a better version of yourself in your daily life.

What would you tell your 12 year old self?

When I was 12, I was strangely into things like energy rituals and herbs so I'd say, keep it up! Also - everything is going to work out, so breathe. Have as much fun as you can, while you still can. Rock that Avril Lavigne skirt!

What’s in your bag?

Rosehip oil, Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, phone charger, granola bar, hair ties, makeup, wallet. 

#WCW - who do you think we should talk to next and why?

My #WCW are Tatiana Maslany and Carey Mulligan! Locally, you can find amazing female entrepreneurs such as Gillian from Amai Vegan Treats or Tegan from Amoda Tea!