Liberty in Puberty!

Everyone goes through puberty, it’s just a fact.

Whether or not we like the new bodily odors, friends on our faces, or butterflies we feel when we spot our crush, it's so important to remember you're not alone! The changes are physical, emotional, and social… as in it’s not just you who is going through it, but also within those around you. This phase in all our lives can feel so confusing, with so many people and posts telling us who and what we should be. I mean, it’s basically a tug-of-war between childhood and adulthood that we never signed up for, but trust us, you got this. 

When people go through puberty, we start producing two hormones that change our bodies both on the inside and outside. These two hormones are called estrogen and testosterone. What creates the differences in our individual changes are the different levels of estrogen and testosterone our bodies produce, with more or less of one or the other. So you’re probably thinking, how in the world will you make it through this thing called puberty? Well now that we’ve established that everyone, like everyone, has to endure this phase of life, we have a few suggestions on how to be empowered by it and blume upwards, than be dragged down. 

As we start to see the new changes on our bodies: facial hair, pubic hair, acne, and oh the list goes on, we must be reminded that these are also the reasons why the most important relationship you work on is with yourself. Yes, you! Self care is key to nurture your way through your journey towards the glow-up. It can mean taking extra time to consider what face wash you’re using, and to use it twice a day, morning and night. It could look like decorating your fave water bottle with cute stickers so that it follows you around like any other must-have accessory. It can also be as simple as blasting your new fave playlist on your way to school or with a friend. Self care can mean so many different things to different people, and that’s why it is so special (and crucial) to figure out what your body and brain needs to feel good. For those who experience periods, a little chocolate and candy usually tastes extra delicious, or a hot cup of tea always pairs well with a binge-worthy Netflix show. 

*Hey, bleeders! Here’s a period hack for you: Clue is a lovely app to track your period cycle, because trust us, this is still a common struggle for those years beyond puberty! It is easy to navigate, steers us away from surprise blood stains on our fav pants, and is designed to be visual and fun to use. 

Puberty can often feel like an isolating experience, but it is not and should not be something you have to endure by yourself. Embrace these badass changes of puberty, be mindful of the different changes amongst others, and remember to take care of yourself. 

If you’re about to have *this* conversation, it’s a good watch for #inspo!