Is Natural Skincare Better for Acne?

Natural skincare and beauty is all the buzz right now! It’s a trend that’s here to stay because it’s not only great for our bodies of all shapes, colours, sizes and genders, but it’s also good for the environment. More and more pharmacies and beauty supply stores are displaying natural products front and centre now and we’re so here for it! From organic night creams to all-natural eye serums and clean conditioning masks, manufacturers are ditching harsh chemicals for pure ingredients. Natural skincare products for fighting breakouts and blemishes are increasingly the popular choice now, too. Here are five reasons to consider making the switch to organic skincare, especially for acne prone skin, if you haven’t already:

Less Irritation

Traditionally produced skincare products are often loaded with chemicals, additives, and fillers that can irritate the skin, causing redness, dryness, inflammation, allergic reactions, and — ironically — breakouts. In contrast, natural skincare for acne doesn't rely on potentially harsh ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and alcohol. The best organic acne oil will likely include elements such as tea tree oil, witch hazel, grapefruit oil, and aloe vera to zap those zits. The result? A much smaller chance of your skincare regimen bothering your face you're trying to pamper and protect.

No Fake Fragrances

Which would you rather smell all day: a coconut or a coconut car air freshener? You'd probably pick the real-deal coconut, and for good reason. Artificial fragrances can kick-start headaches and alter hormones. Since a fragrance recipes are considered a trade secret, fragrance manufacturers aren't actually required to share any of the ingredients that go into the making of a scent. The best natural skincare products for acne are transparent and use simple, pure ingredients. There’s nothing to hide here! When it comes to breakouts, you know what you're fighting for. You should know what you're fighting with, too.

No Preservatives

Parabens are a synthetic preservative that typical beauty product manufacturers use to extend the shelf life of their goods. Aside from the fact that parabens can mimic your hormones, there's still not a lot that's known about exactly how these artificial preservatives interact with our bodies. The best organic face wash is paraben-free, which means you never have to smear mystery ingredients all over your face to fight blemishes. It works with your skin rather than against it.

No Silicones

Like parabens, silicones are a double-edged additive when it comes to skincare products. On the one hand, they can make your daily moisturizer light, smooth, and easier to apply. On the other hand, they're comedogenic, which is a fancy way of saying they clog your pores. Yikes! The best natural skincare for acne is silicone-free and lets your skin breathe.

Environmental Impact

Your beautiful face isn't the only reason to consider making the switch to natural skincare products. Don’t forget - going green with your beauty routine is good for the planet, too! Most organic skincare lines are responsibly and sustainably sourced, lessening their environmental impact. Many utilize recycled or otherwise eco-friendly packaging, as well, all of which means you can prevent damage to your skin and to the earth at the same time.

Are natural products better for your skin? Ultimately, everybody's skin reacts differently, no matter what you're slathering on it to prevent another breakout. With that said, choosing organic skincare can significantly lower your risk of irritation, dryness, and other undesirable effects. Don't undermine your daily skincare routine with chemicals. Give acne a clean fight, and give your skin the TLC it deserves!