Dr. Leela Athalye’s Secret to Dewy Skin

Achieving that coveted dewy skin isn't just a dream—it's a science. Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Leela Athalye, shares her expertise on the key products that can transform your skincare routine into a dewy, glowy goodness!

One of the biggest misconceptions is that achieving dewy skin requires expensive products. “The Meltdown Gel Cream, priced under 35 dollars, challenges that notion. It's not just about affordability; it's about delivering quality ingredients that truly make a difference,” says Dr. Athalye. Meltdown Gel Cream contains powerful ingredients like squalane, ceramides, niacinamide, and amino acids to provide overall hydration and brightness for 72 hours. And yes, this is clinically proven!

"The Skin Therapy 5 in 1 Facial Oil is a personal favourite. We often underestimate the power of a well-formulated facial oil.” This potent oil, enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, is designed to penetrate the skin barrier effectively. It's not just about surface-level radiance; it's about nourishing the skin from within for a lasting glow.

Skin Therapy 5 in 1 Face Oil is the all-in-one nourishing oil that delivers an intense burst of moisture that soothes, brightens, plumps, and nourishes skin while protecting its natural barrier. It's made of 75% squalane, making it non-comedogenic and great for acne-prone skin. With key ingredients like jojoba, sea buckthorn, and vitamin E, this oil moisturizes, improves texture, soothes skin, and nourishes all dry skin types, including dry acne-ique skin. 

"Skincare is not a one-time affair. Consistency is crucial. Incorporating these products into your routine and sticking to it is where you'll see the real transformation,” says Dr. Athalye, often recommending both the Meltdown Gel Cream and Skin Therapy 5 in 1 Facial Oil to her patients. These two work synergistically to maintain your skin's health and vitality. "Healthy, radiant skin starts with maintaining the moisture barrier. The Meltdown Gel Cream is an excellent choice, providing hydration and brightness at an affordable price point. Pair it with the Skin Therapy 5 in 1 Facial Oil for a comprehensive skincare routine that penetrates and revitalizes. Remember, consistency is key to achieving and maintaining that dewy glow!"

Discover glowing skin with our Dewy Skin Kit, a curated bundle of Dr. Athalye's favourite picks for a radiant glow. Save while transforming your skincare routine to achieve healthy, hydrated skin!