Christine Le's #SelfCareRecipe

Welcome to Blume's Self Care Recipes! We help you evolve your relationship with mindfulness through interviewing the womxn we look up to most. With tips, tricks, and practices, we hope their unique perspectives inspire you to explore your self care game.

Christine Le is a content creator based in Los Angeles, originally from Seattle, Washington. Her Youtube career started as a hobby but quickly took off because of her authenticity and unique style. Fast forward to 2020, and she now is apart of the Sephora Squad and has gained a loyal following on Tiktok of 160,000! We're so excited for you to meet her and learn about her unwinding routine.

What’s your personal definition of self care?

Self care means taking the time to do anything and everything that makes you happy! For me that’s having time after work to workout, play with makeup, learn silly dances on tiktok or binge watch my favorite show.


What's a self care non-negotiable that helps you live your best life?

I always set boundaries! With friendships, relationships, work and more. I am selective with my friend circle and make sure I keep people on my life that are positive, supportive and add to my life rather than take away. I do not stand for rude comments or snarky remarks from ANYONE. I also make sure I say no to anything that I don’t want to do! No to a partnership that isn’t paying me enough, no to mistreatment from a significant other or friend, no to not having enough time for me.  At the end of the day, my happiness is the most important thing to me.


What is a morning ritual that makes you feel so balanced?

I started cleansing my face for a full 60 seconds (a tip I learned from @labeautyoligist on twitter) and I’ve found it’s made the BIGGEST difference in my skin! It also is so calming and relaxing and serves as a mini facial massage I get in the morning and at night. 


What are your bathroom essentials?

My Blume Meltdown oil goes EVERYWHERE with me! It’s always on my vanity even when the rest of my skincare is constantly rotating because it’s the best for fighting off breakouts and quickly fading acne scars. Obsessed. Also currently living my guasha for depuffing my face in the mornings!

What’s your favorite personal affirmation that you use in times of stress or uncertainty?

"I know that I can do anything I set my mind to". I work really really hard because I want to constantly be improving in my craft, and be an example to others that look up to me. My mom actually didn’t support me when I started my youtube channel but now that she’s seen how successful I’ve become and how much I love doing what I do, she’s become my biggest supporter!


That's an amazing example of living your life authentically. Do you have any advice for our audience on how they can achieve that?

Do whatever makes YOU feel happy! If you are a fraction of how productive you normally are, that’s okay. Life for so many people have changed and you are allowed to take as much time as you need to get back into the groove of things! My screen time has jumped to almost 8-9 hours a day (partially because my job requires me to have an online presence) but I’m not so hard on myself for it because it’s not like I have anything better to do at the moment!


You can find more from Christine on her Youtube Channel, Instagram, and Tiktok (@
christineleeee). We hope you love her and her work as much as we do! Stay tuned for more #SelfCareRecipes coming soon.