Bluming Together

Here’s how we’re supporting our community through COVID-19, the climate crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

As a small business, our team of 10 is adapting to our new reality with the rest of the world. We’ll be sharing the various initiatives and measures we’re taking here to ensure that our community is prioritizedand that self care continues to be safe and accessible for all. We’ll update here (as needed) to keep you in the loop. Thank you for all your patience and support!

Orders & Deliveries:

  • If you’re running out of essentials like deodorant, face wash or period care, stay in the safety of your home and leave it up to us to ensure their direct arrival to your door. Please allow some time for orders to process and ship out. You can expect a shipping notification within 3-5 business days. Our fulfillment centre follows strict COVID-safe practices and we’re grateful for all their help during this time!
  • Due to COVID-19, there’s been a spike in courier traffic across US, Canada and between borders. So if your package is a bit late, feel free to email us at and we’ll help you out! 
  • Kindly note: we don’t have control of when or how couriers scan packages (updates can sometimes be delayed). 
  • P.S. For our friends in Canada: now offers 1 day shipping and yes, all our clean beauty faves are on there including our 100% organic cotton pads & tampons! Plus, rack up the VIB points while you’re there.

Supporting issues important to us:

  • In the last year, we’ve been listening to our community, stepping back and re-evaluating our blueprint to ensure they align with our values as an anti-racist company. Ongoingly, we’ve donated full or partial proceeds to various non-profit organizations that support the work and activists of Black Lives Matter. We will continue to create opportunities for us to donate to initiatives supporting the work of Black lives and the fight for racial justice. Without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be able to—so, thank you for your love.
  • Disclaimer: if we haven’t donated to a particular charity, by no way does it mean it isn't important to us. We hope to continue donating to support non-profit organizations as our bandwidth grows. 

Amplifying the voices of our community:

  • It is our duty to continue using our platform to amplify the voices of our community, and offer accessible resources to issues important to us. We commit to prioritizing inclusivity in our partnerships with community members and brands, as well as in our internal practices.
  • From climate change to the fight for racial justice, and the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for us to provide our community a safe space to just be. We will continue to offer brief moments of self care whether that’s through our Meditation Mondays, our self care content or clean beauty products.

Moving towards increased sustainability:

  • We always say our products are good for your body and the environmentwe mean it. Our current packaging is recyclable (both glass and plastic) if done so correctly in alignment to your province/state requirements. The paper boxes are recyclable along with our bio-plastic tampon applicators. We plan to keep things this way, and will continue advancing our sustainability in our company blueprint.