Year in Review 2020

Physically distant but socially closer than ever... We're proud to share that after too many cups of coffee, we've finally learned to mute on Zoom. And highlights of quarantine? Daily walks + everything below:

Meltdown continues to be our community fave! The only Meltdown we weren't about to have this year was with our acne.

The year Gen Z lead movements around the world, from within their communities to the global stage. We are so proud and honoured to have our first Gen Z Advisory Council with Sarah, Trisha and Kyia.

We turned 2 in June! Despite the challenging and complex year we've shared, we are so grateful to be here another year with our Bluming community. 

Thanks to you, we were able to support people and organizations important to us. Our platform and purpose will always reflect our real community around us. Special thank you to our healthcare heroes.

Image by @__szaman—we love to see it! Featured on @glamouruk and many more of your beautiful feeds.

With every sale on, a portion of proceeds are donated to Days for Girls. This year, we were able to donate 650 kits to turn periods into pathways through trusted period education and resources. Speaking of periods, we also made PERIOD HISTORY as the first pads and tampons carried in Sephora! 


A 2020 #mood captured in a limited exclusive sweater. We've always said that self care is the new going out, but this year brought it a whole new meaning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Thank you *so* much for Bluming with us through this challenging year 💖 Through your love, comments, shares and reviews, we're able to continue representing real skin, and advocating for easier and healthier self care—while smashing taboos.

See you next year! 👋⁠⁠
Taran, Bunny, Lisa, Ashley, Janice, Eman, Steph, Gabrielle, Shireen & Kaajal