Blume, Formerly known as Ellebox

Hey, you look a little different.

Nice to meet you. We’re Blume. We are growing and with that growth comes change. Our most visible change is that we are officially changing our name + our look.

Our new name is Blume! For growth.

Are we still the same company?

Absolutely! We are still the same company — with the same owners —- that believes in great quality self-care products, organic tampons and you! Our main focus remains to ensure we deliver the best experience to you.

So, why the change?

So when we started Ellebox we knew two things:

  1. We wanted to create a conversation about periods so that people with periods could take on the world and live life without shame, stigma or taboo.
  2. We wanted you to have easy access to safe, transparent, sustainable products that are not a threat to your body or the environment. This is not and never will be changing.

Through growing Ellebox we learned that these things matter to you too. Hundreds of emails, testimonials, letters, in person meetings and phone calls told us that.

We also learned through the feedback you gave us every month after receiving your box. We listened with open ears, and asked as many questions as we could to find out which products you liked, loved, and didn't love. We learned about the products you wanted to see more of, what scents were you favourite, what textures made you feel your best and most important what products you needed to be part of your routine.

We wanted a brand that reflected our mission statement + vision— Blume was created.

Based off of the current market offerings which are riddled with chemicals + harmful ingredients, we found the 4 foundational products that customers were lacking. We recreated customers’ daily hygiene and feel good routine.

Blume is proud to unveil:

  1. HUG ME natural deodorant (that actually works)
    • Mainstream deodorants have aluminum and other harmful ingredients. Our ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten free, and all-natural.
  • DAYDREAMER gentle organic face wash
    • A gentle cleanser for everyday use, without the plastic beads and other irritants that are harmful to both your skin and the environment.
  • MELTDOWN natural blemish treatment (yes, really!!!!!)
    • No more Accutane, Proactive, and harmful treatments that make your skin peel, flake, or break out even more.
  • CLOUD 9 essential oil for cramps
    • Put down the pills and treat your cramps in the most comfortable way ever!

Blume Self Care and Period Products

The other big learning

Stigma and taboo about periods starts early. Girls are taught to be ashamed of their bodies before even learning about them. We surveyed 1,000 girls and women in the Blume community to learn about their experiences with periods and puberty. This is what we found:

  • 79% used their first products that their mom gave them or that she used for her periods
  • 60% feel that their self-esteem plummeted or lessened around puberty
  • 68% don’t feel their school did a good job of preparing them for their first period
  • 57% felt scared when they got their first period
  • 61% didn’t feel ashamed when they got their first period
  • 63% felt embarrassed when they got their first period
  • 64% missed out on activities (dance, swimming, etc.) because they didn’t know how to manage their period

Our survey reflects the existing research available — girls are not receiving adequate information about their bodies, whether that be about their periods, anatomy, or sexual health. Dr. Meadow Maze Good, at the University of Florida Health Jacksonville, notes that “[w]hen it comes to [vaginal] health, many women don’t know what ‘normal’ is” (Women’s Health). How does this change? Providing relevant, normalized education empowers girls to advocate for themselves and their bodies. Changing the culture of shame happens through knowledge (Bustle). That’s why at Blume we’re focusing on education. We believe that all girls and women deserve to receive honest information about their bodies and to use safe period products from the very beginning.

So we’re proud to announce V1 of Blume University—a blog full of educational content, videos, plus stories from real women like you. We want to create a community of #BlumeBabes having open conversations about all the things that matter to you.

Anything that didn’t change?

Most importantly, our dedication to helping women have a better period will never waver.

What about getting in touch?

You can email or call us at:
1 888 272 6718 (or text: 31996)
Or find us on our Instagram @meetblume or website