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Blume is now at Ulta Beauty! 500+ stores across the US

It’s official!!! Blume is now available at Ulta BeautyAmerica’s largest beauty retailer. You can now shop all your fave #clean skin, body and period care essentials on and in over 550 locations across the US. We are so excited to take this giant step towards our mission in making self care and periods easier and healthier, while smashing taboos <3

A note from our founders

"Taran and Bunny here, co-founders + sisters of Blume. Thank YOU for joining us on our journey and celebrating this *milestone launch* with us. We launched Blume with a mission to make self care and periods easier and healthier, while smashing taboos. Between our clean community curated products, educational content and real skin campaigns, we wouldn’t be here today without each and every one of you."

Where can you find us?

Since day 1, we’ve put lots of focus into formulating all our products to the highest standard of quality. We’re proudly joining Ulta beauty under their collection Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™ brands; the major retailer’s holistic initiative to help their community make more informed choices about products that align to their values. And you know we’re all for it! As our loyal Bluming community knows best, our #CertClean cruelty free and vegan ingredients, along with our 100% recyclable packaging is community curated, and good for your body + the environment.

To have this shared nationwide for people (of all ages, genders, colors) to try is a big step in making clean beauty + organic period care more accessible for all. This is so important to us. Blume will also be part of Ulta Beauty’s wellness assortment, joining brands that focus on self-care holistically for the mind, body and spirit.

Your fave skin, body and period care essentials
—more accessible than ever before

So on your next Ulta run, you can pick up whether you're trying it out for the first time or restocking for the 10th time, all your Blume faves and other self care essentials are finally all together in one place. Being on and over 500 Ulta Beauty stores across the US, we’re one *huge* step closer in making our mission a reality: to make periods and self care easier and healthier, while smashing taboos. No more wait time for shipping on days where you have urgent or last minute needs. Check out which products you can find at your local Ulta Beauty:


This self care kit includes the period care essentials you know and trust with a modern refresh. Clean ingredients good for your body + the environment. 

  • Cloud 9: Travel-friendly rollerball with the perfect blend of essential oils. Relieves cramps, mood swings, cravings, bloating. Relaxes mind, body and spirit.
  • Pads: Made with 100% organic cotton. Breathable, comfortable and absorbent pads designed to fit you with wings to stay snug. 
  • Self Care Heat Pack: Period cramps, sore muscles, and chilly nights are no match for this insta-famous, microwaveable heat pack. Pairs perfectly with Cloud 9. 

We are so thrilled to expand our Blume mission and journey. It's truly all because of you, each and every single one of our community members. Our inboxes are always open if you need help finding an Ulta location near you. 

Shop us now on Ulta here for all your gentle, clean and effective self care essentials! DM us a pic if you find us at your local Ulta Beauty and what you pick up! Instagram @blume :) 

Big (virtual) hugs,

Taran, Bunny and the team at Blume